Thursday, September 23, 2004

i miss her everyday...

friendships can only go as far as u want it to. i can say that my bestfriend is Wena, who I met in college. we do not know why we hit it. maybe because both of us have grown angst of the world around us. of life. of love. of men.

we did not realize that we were best of friends at that time. but like a lightbulb on my head one day, i just told her she was my best friend, and we became that from that day on.

i wish only what's best for her... eventhough i know sometimes, she does stupid things that i'm sure she'll get nothing out of but sure heartache.... and of course, i was right. and every time she goes into it, i always tell her that i'm with her all the way, however, i think... and if i'm right, and she ends up weeping.... i weep with her. i curse with her. i chant mantras with her. i light a black candle with her. i laugh with her. ... and then we eat out together to celebrate another stupid heartache.

if there's one thing that i regret, is that we don't spend much time together... even if it's only eating-after-weeping days... i miss her everyday...

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