Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Yesterday, Dada fetched me from the office and I told him that Keiko will be coming with us since it's raining and she's pregnant (wawa...).

When we dropped Keiko off, she texted me and told me that si Dada daw talaga hindi marunong ngumiti.

Yes, it's true that Dada doesn't really smile too much, especially around other people that he is not close to. He also have this habit of not talking. If you talk to him, you can barely hear his voice.

Sometimes, I do get irritated. But, as time passed, I got used to it. Pero, minsan, nahihiya ako sa mga friends ko. They always ask me why he is like that.

I explained to Keiko that. I also told her a lot of things today. How Dada was before, and how he is now.

Before, even if it was raining hard, you have to go to the car to get in. Hindi niya ilalapit yung kotse para hindi ka maulanan.

There were a lot of things that I remember about him that makes me think that he really did love me. Marami lang talagang nangyari kaya humantong sa ganito.

A lot of it were selfishness, miscommunication, and pride.

Carlo asked me today kung ok na kami ni Dada. And I said, we're getting there. Slowly, but surely. He asked me why I still accepted him. I told him, because I can see that he is trying to change.

Change naman is not absolute. Di naman ako humihingi ng milagro.

As the saying goes... "It takes two to tango." hindi lang cya ang may problema. Ako rin.

i got 2 chocolate bars from my mommy sa kris kringle today. yum. but not imaginative. if i were the one who received the chopstix and sugar like Pauline, mas gusto ko. It was so funny!

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