Saturday, November 13, 2004

If There's Something You Gotta Do, Do It Right.

I wanna blog. What's the problem then?

I dunno what to say!!!!

This is one of those days, that no matter how much I scratch my head or point my finger to my temple, I cannot think of anything to write down.

This is one of those moments, when Arolf gets to say: "What the?!"

I don't get it. Of all the happy and sad moments that happened everyday of my life, I cannot think of anything worthy to post here.... Cherba naman o.


Sabi ko nga sa title ko, if you're gonna do something, you gotta do it right. What I meant by it? I haven't the foggiest. Haller?! What's wrong with me?

ok, ok....

Today, eventhough it was my restday, I went to the office. The team was gonna give Itay Carlo a surprise congratulatory party. He's now one of the Team Managers for Experian.

You can see that he was really taken aback, and he was so happy... So was I.

Caloi was one of most nakakapikong supervisors on the floor when we went live. How I hated the guy. Kung bakit, wag na lang... haba masyado...

Moving forward... He became my supervisor. Imagine the horror! Imagine the mind-boggling sensation! (The what?!)

Well, he was an okay supervisor... with allowable bad days. You'll know if he's having a bad day if his forehead is in furrow once he gets on the floor.... which is pretty much everyday.

Then came the inevitable (what with our charm and all)... he became an A+ supervisor to us. We call our team "Carlo's Agassi's" which later on, I changed to "Carlo's agASSes," to which he laughed out loud, 'coz I told him that it meant that all of the team members are either big-assed, or such big assholes. I'm one of the latter.

He does not pressure us with stats and saves. Well, he cannot pressure me anything, 'coz I'm the only email rep he's got on his team, and I don't do much. It may seem that he doesn't care at all. Hehe.

So, there we were. Not a day without laughs, curses and whatnots. It was the Dream Team.

Came the day when I had a big personal problem. And he said, "Reich, I'll be at my station if you need someone to talk to." That's the time he became not just my supervisor, but my friend. There was also a time that he told me to file a leave so I can relax. I mean, i never heard another supervisor on the floor who told somebody that. I mean NEVER.

One time, we were doing something "illegal" on the floor, and he kicked our chairs and said, "Mga potah kayo, alam nyo naman na bawal yan... pag kayo nakita ni *blip*, warning kayo agad!"

And then he shouted: "Sana ma-realize nyo na mabait ako! Bakit walang nagmamahal sa kin?!!!!"

Ngayon, nung nagsurprise kami sa kanya, i wrote on the paper that they were gonna give him:

"Ito na ang proof na may nagmamahal sayo." (or to that effect)

We love you, 'Tay.

Manlibre ka na. =)

my title has got nothing to do with what i just posted.

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