Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Ripple Effect


i'm not the kind of mother that everybody thinks i am. hehehe.
far from it. i give them time to study, and time for play naman.
if they have five days of school, they also have 2 days of relaxation.
ang gusto ko lang, do what needs to be done, and you can play all u want...
i think that is fair enough.

i also do not push her into performing miracles.
i am pushing her into doing her best.

i know, i know.

but u know the ripple effect?

if she doesn't do good in elementary,
she won't get into a good school in secondary...
if she doesn't do good in secondary,
she won't get into a good university...
if she didn't graduate from a good university,
she won't get the job she wants.

u know how it is. we've all been there.
hirap matanggap sa isang high-paying job if u'r not qualified.

it's also more of preparation. u know that Arolf has autism.
Who will take care of him if we leave this planet?
It's Anea who is next in line.
Not that i am forcing this responsibility on her.
But she has to understand.
Which is actually, i'm lucky enough,
since she understands perfectly.

everything that i've been doing is
in preparation for when she grows up,
and when her brothers grow up.
that's why even when they were smaller,
i thought them early how to love and
take care of each other, esp bec. of Arolf.

our parents' responsibility is to work, earn, and send us to school.
ours is to study. that is all. i don't think that it's that hard to do.

...and responsibility is part of that ripple effect.

She was smiling. We wrestled on the bed.

that's her, giving me the finger.
so, i don't think there will be behavior problems in the near future.

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  1. hmmm... point taken.

    will elaborate later sa aking blog para may topic na ako...

    hay trabaho na naman.