Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Scheduled Existence

woke up at 4:30
turned on the pc
resized pictures via photoshop 8.0
sent keiko her resized pictures
turned off pc
took a bath
got ready for work
ate 3 pandesals
took the washington jeep at 6:35
took the ayala jeep at 6:50
arrived at the office at exactly 7am
logged in at 7:14
sent emails to forcedesk and the team
processed around 50 emails
processed escalated emails
made a list of what to discuss during weekly meeting
ate lunch
modified list
blogged a little
conducted weekly meeting
blogged again for a while
will log-off in 45 minutes
will walk from ayala to pasay road jeepney stop
will be home at 5:30 - 6:00
will rest for 15 minutes
will ask anea about her day and her tests
will watch a little tv
will prepare food
will eat with Anea and my folks
will feed Arolf and Anton
will play games in the pc a little
will tell Arolf, Anea and Anton to wash their hands, face and feet
will yell at them if they don't do what i say
will make them sleep
will sleep with my kids at around 9-10pm
will dream that i still have another day to do what i do everyday

ang nabunot ko sa kris kringle ay si *******.
ang sarap ng chocnut na bigay ni joseph.
gusto ko ng chocolate cake ng red ribbon.

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