Saturday, November 27, 2004

vacation thoughts

well, i'm on my third day of vacation. since the company i'm working for is an american company, we do not have work during their holidays, in this case is Thanksgiving.

nothing fabulous happened. major reason is i don't have money to spend. in fact, im brokenly broke. i just thought now that way deep in debt. ngayon ko lang narealize. there's my SS loan, there's my credit card, there's a personal loan from my grandfather that i used to pay for my M.A. tuition, there's a personal loan from my former job. yaiks. ano buzz....

well, i dont wanna think about it for now. magpapasko. ayokong maging malungkot ngayon.

so there i was... the first day, i just cleaned my room.

second day, i took care of the kids and watched old dvds with them.

now, i'm planning to put the tree up. just waiting for the kids to wake up so they'll see, and help me. hmmm... last year, they planned to help me.... but it turned out badly, that i ended up screaming at Anton not to eat the apple-shaped ornaments. maybe, it'll be better if i woke them up after.

oops! too late! they're awake already. hay....

tomorrow, i dunno yet... maybe a little more cleaning and what-nots. and worship day.


Dale wanted a birthday party at the house, and not at Popeye's na. He was adamant about a Popeye's birthday party before. I dunno why he had a change of heart.

We were listing down what we needed for the party, and he even thought of the sticks to use on the hotdogs. and he precisely said that the hotdog should be long, and there should be marshmallows and pineapples on top.

He thought of the radio and the cds, the tables and chairs (with table cloth!), the cake (choco flavor with flowers and candies!), the pabitin, the party hats....

He thought of almost everything. And everytime i get home, he tells me... i wanna go to my party now. But i ask him, when is his birthday ba, and he says Dec. 17. and i go, is it Dec. 17th yet? and he goes frowning, no... and i go, so no party yet. hehe.


anton is a different story. he wants a Jollibee party like her ate. period.


nagseselos si mama bakit wala daw siya dun sa pictures ko.... hehe.

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