Friday, December 10, 2004

Anea's Wishlist

When I saw Anea's wishlist listed on her blog, i felt a little sad.

She wanted more attention. I asked her what it meant. And she said that it seems like everything is about Dale or Anton. She felt that nothing is about her.

At that time, I asked myself... Was I not giving her the attention she needed?

I am not so sure.

Yes, I admit that when Dale was younger, I gave more attention to him, especially when we knew that he had autism.

But to be fair to me, I did not forget that I have a daughter. I thought about the times that I gave her this, and bought her that.

But, I guess material things does not count here. And I think that I've been giving her material things especially when she's doing good in school. Reward kind of things.

If you knew my daughter, you'd think that she's the most sensitive brat there was.
She is. Even her teachers tell her so. She is so sensitive that she takes petty things seriously. She's a perfectionist. Much like her dad. And that thought scares me.

It seems that no matter what I do, It's still not enough for her. I am thinking of what I should do to make her understand that it isn't possible to give her all the attention that she wants.

I find myself telling her that she is not the only child I have. That I also need to tend to her brothers.

Well, one thing I do know. However she's been acting, I am so proud to have her as a daughter. Her traits are the reason she's doing okay in school. Being a perfectionist does not stop her from attaining her goal.

I hope she feels that I love her more than life itself.


I went to SunCel yesterday, and lo and behold! The fone is not yet available.
Misleading website advertisement!

When I told Anea, she was disappointed. Anea wanted to have a fone so much and wanted my fone!

So, I told her that while we're waiting for the fone to be made available, to ask all her Aunts and Uncles that instead of material things, they can give her cash instead. I told her not to spend it, and as soon as she saves 3T bucks already (or so, of course I can pay for the remainder if she does not complete it), we're gonna get the fone if its available already.

She wants my fone, and the new fone will be mine. She said she does not want to be tied to a plan. She said she does not have the means to pay the 250 bucks a month.
She'd rather have mine which is Smart prepaid so she can also ask her Aunts and Uncles for PasaLoad. Hahaha. Smartass!

Even if she does not have a piggy bank yet, she promised to be more responsible with regards to finances. She wants to learn how to save. Buti naman.

Nope, this is not the reward kind of thing. This is not to make up for what she asks of me, this is just my daughter asking me for a fone. Plain and simple.


i'm feeling a little unwell for no reason at all.
Keiko is feeling low.
What's the world coming to?

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