Monday, December 13, 2004

Ano'ng Nangyari?

Nyay! Christmas is here!

Of course, a lot will ask me why I changed my background... and a lot won't like it, too... hehehehe....

Since it's Christmas, I thought of sprucing it up. It summarizes what I do, what I feel, and what I eat during Christmas time! Just imagine the tree, the ponsettias (tama ba spelling?), christmas glitter balls, and green teas at night, mocchas at midnight!

Plus, I've been 'mourning' for a long time now... time for a change... medyo happy naman ako, so pde. hehe. There should have been snowflakes falling, pero bumabagal yung site eh. So, di ko na tinuloy...

Anyway, knowing me, this will not last long... New Year, new background! hehehe.


My whole body hurts! Pati ata kuko ko, masakit!

We went to CCP again for a few rounds of badminton, and bicycling yesterday. Asar ako kahapon pero ayoko ng ikwento. ayoko na ring maalala. petty lang naman.


Room In Your Heart, Mike Francis
Mister Donuts' Muffin
Lord, how awesome to consider that nothing is impossible with you. In the difficult times when circumstances are overwhelming, remind us that to declare that something is hopeless is to declare that we have a helpless God. Help us to trust you even when the situation seems beyond remedy and to remember that nothing is impossible with you. You are bigger than any mountain we face, and you are working on Arolf's behalf. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the strength to stand through each trial. We choose today to trust you for victory!
In Jesus' name, Amen.
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