Sunday, December 12, 2004

Badminton, Baclaran and Jawdrops

Yesterday, Dada, Mama, the kids, and I went to CCP for a morning churva (i dunno what to call it!).

The kids rented bikes and Dada rented badminton rackets. We haven't tried it before and since it is the fad nowadays, he told me we should try it.

I haven't tried badminton. NEVER. So, I was eager to learn.

Mama and I tried it out first while Dada went for a run. It was so funny since both of us are newbies. Mama told me that badminton pala is really good exercise.
we'll get tired of picking up the tingamajig... potek, i forgot what it was called... shuttle cock?! yes, that's it.

We are having difficulty since we do not have any form of exercise... pity us.
Well, at least Mama goes to Slimmer's World every now and then where she is a lifetime member.

Ako, Wala!!!! Even when I was a kid, i don't know any outside games.
I was sheltered and did not go out of the house often. I don't know how to swim, or how to ride a bike. Pity, pity, pity me....

Well, after a while naman we were getting the hang of it, and started hitting the cock (funny!) back and forth. Hahaha!

Then it was Dada's turn, who, like us have not played badminton in years. He joked and told me to hit it hard and go fast, and went on an Agassi stance. It was so funny.

He was getting on my nerves coz he's so mayabang. He always snorts or says nasty remarks. Typical male. Hehehe. But of course, he gets more ribbing when he doesn't hit the cock. He stopped when I told him to stop or else it's his cock I'm gonna hit. hahahaha!

We were having fun when Dale asked us to go home already coz he wants to jerby.
Of course, we all went home immediately.

Mama and I agreed to play badminton often to serve as my exercise.

After lunch, Mama, Archie (our helper) and I went to Baclaran, and bought a lot of goodies. Anea's undies for 255/dozen, and P.E. rubbershoes which I got for only 160 pesos. Hahaha. The stuff there are so cheap talaga! Mama saw the gifts she bought at the Landmark there, and the P28.00 stuff she bought was only P12.00 there. She almost cried. Hahahaha.

I got cute white slip-ons for 250. Dale and Anton's matching polo with shorts for 150/set. A lot of cute hairclips for Anea, 5 pairs for 35 and 21 pesos. Also this very cute Hello Kitty hair tie for 28 each which I saw at a mall for 45. Hankies for 78/dozen.

Haay... I wish I had more money to spend! A lot of things to buy, so little cash...


Well, after that we also went to Masagana which is just a nice walk from our house. I bought a nice black shirt for 120, 2 pairs of cheap badminton rackets for 55/pair. 2 shuttle cocks, 2 toy jeeps that i'm gonna give as presents, 3 pairs of bras, and Archie's blouse that she picked up as a gift from me.


When we got home, Dada called me and told me he will be going to a friend's house for a birthday party. His words were, "magpapaalam" sya. I almost choked. It was years ago since he asked me for permission to go out. And I said, "oh. okay?" in a jaw-drop-kinda-not-sure-what-to-say look. Good thing he couldn't see me. Haha.


I was sooooo tired.

That night we were watching tv, and my eyes were drooping already, so I slept ahead of my kids. "Patawad mga anak, but nanay is so sleepy... Aileen, look after them for me..." were my last words last night. I think.


lapit ng maubos 13th month pay ko. sniff*

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