Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Black is back.

Ever wondered how it feels to try being what you are not?

I tried being pa-girl in this blog for a few days. But somehow, pink and blue just doesn't cut it. Di ko kinaya yung sobrang cuteness.

I am a person of contradiction. Much like Keiko, we use cute things, we say cute words, we are sickeningly sweet. But much to everyone's surprise, we are black.

Our feelings and how we think are just... black.

Hopeless. Angst. Pity. Anger. Madness.

All black.

I can stand using cute things. Covering our loved ones in chocolate-flavored sweetness. But not on a blog. It's too personal. Our blogs revealed our inner selves. This is where we do not think of what anyone would think. This is ours. This is where our souls show.

And it's bleak. It's black.


Why 'Torn Apart'?

Because i always am.

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