Tuesday, December 21, 2004


kanina, pinaguusapan namin ni Keiko kung ano ang magiging New Year's Resolution and what we need to do this 2005. The list not only contains personal, spiritual, but also physical attributes that I have to do and change next year.

Hay... ang hirap isipin na tatanda na ko. hehe. well, here is the rundown for mine:

-Number one on the list is to stop cursing. Not minimize... STOP.
-eat less, lose 20 pounds
-go to Church again
-look at the positive side of things and people's positive traits
-after i lose weight, wear girlie clothes
-practice wearing high-heeled closed shoes
-practice wearing skirts with stockings
-wear make-up again
-save money to pay all debts
-since I know no kind-hearted soul will give me a Palm this Christmas, save enough money to buy one
-go to the freaking dentist
-learn how to cook!!!
-clean my room every two days
-clean the electric fans every week
-enrol at PNU for M.A.
-organize my things, throw away stuff
-look for a teaching job
-take care of my hair
-buy more clothes (contradiction to save more money)
-buy more shoes (again, contradiction)
-change eyewear (kontra, kontra...)
-practice spokening in English
-feed my birds everyday
-enrol Arolf and Anton to a good school
-buy an English-Tagalog, Tagalog-English dictionary
-teach my kids personal care
-minimize shouting
-enrol the kids in worthwhile summer activities
-continue blogging!!!

Hay nako... sobrang dami pa... yan pa lang naiisip ko for now... yoko na ring lagay ung mga too personal... hehe.

You may wander why I have to go through physical changes. It's because if all goes well and I get a teaching job, I have to look like one. A cooler version, though. =)


Today, the reps were given FACTA access!!! (sabi nga ni Augee) It's umfer... too umfer! But what can we do??? Hay...


Dami ko ng napapalampas na good movies.... ano buzz????? kulang ako sa time!!!


May pasok kami ng 24, 27, 30, at 31...


I have 15 more gifts to buy!!! But how?


I wish I came to Dale's Christmas Party... But how?


Current Mood: so-so
Current Song: Push
Current Prayer: Almighty, help me to commit faithfully to my resolutions...

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