Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Na!

When I was on my way here, I was shivering from the cold.
Feeling Baguio! Sarap!

Indication that Christmas is really here. We can't deny it anymore.

I find it very hard to find complete happiness this season,
what with all the disasters, calamities and deaths.
But I still find something to be thankful for.

A lot of people have been questioning God's will
because of these disasters.
They were also asking me if I believed in God.

And to put a cork in it, yes, I do.

I believe that there is one Almighty who is the mover of all things.
Who created heaven, hell, and the earth.

I just don't know who he is.

I believe in Jesus, and his miracles.

Do I go to church? Not always.

I believe that prayer is not going to church and listening to
his words through a priest, who is also human.
I believe that prayer is conversing with your God, answering his questions.

The one question that my God have been asking me always is this:

How was your day?

And I find myself telling him.
I find myself crying to him at night if I need to.
I find release.

I do not go to church often because I believe that my God is everywhere.
He is there, but I chose not to listen to priests' homilies.


Not one priest has ever asked me how my day was.


I am thinking of changing to Sun Cellular.
It is possible that I might have to have a solar-enabled fone
before I can get a signal, but their fones are so much affordable
than Smart's or Globe's.

Anea wants a fone for Christmas, and I thought that I can
just change to Sun and give her my fone. Hm...
But, there's my Dad who'll go freaky when he finds out.
Fones are not necessities. Especially for a 9-year old.
But, Anea is doing her best in school, and I believe that
it is just time for us to give her something she really
really wants for Christmas.

I was also thinking of just giving my fone to Dada,
coz he badly needs to change phones, and I get the Sun
fone exactly like mine which is going at only 3T at Plan 250.
Which, sadly, is going at 7500 at Plan 500 sa Smart.
He's got a battered 8850. Titanium, but battered. Not my type.

Then the battered 8850 will be up for repair, and we give it to Anea.
Hey, 8850, battered or not was 25T before.

Dumdidumdum. Fingers drumming on the table.

To switch or not to switch?

I'll let u know.
Coz i'm not sure at this time.
Finances are tight.
Sa dinami-dami ng utang ko...
Dun lang ako sa free fone!


We finally got our 13th month pay, and already I have spent
5T of it paying bills and such. Grrrrr!!!!


It's Moe's birthday today, and he brought pancit!!!

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