Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fabulous Anea, Fishy Dada, and Suspicious Me

Yesterday, Anea received her first communion.

I filed for a leave, and so did Dada.
Everything was going smoothly, Anea was in the line already
and Dada and I were left in the car talking.

We were goofing around with my fonecam...

until I saw his wallet and picked it up, but he took it from me.
He also does that when I take his celfone. Hmmmm...

I sense something fishy.

So I said, "Ano bang tinatago mo?"

I have been like this since 3 weeks ago, and it is obviously
getting on his nerves. So, he went out the car and slammed the door.
The rites haven't even started and we're fighting!

I wouldn't want Anea to see us like this,
but I just can't be close to him. I was so pissed!

1 minute. 2. 3. 4. 5...

I was taking Anea's pictures with my fone when he talked to me.
5 minutes tops. He gave me the digicam, and asked me to take
pictures of Anea while the kids were in a line, also of him and Anea,
and then me and Anea.

I was silent.

When the kids were all inside the church, he kept on talking.

I was still silent.

Finally, he said "Sorry na kanina. Wag ka na galit." and all that.

Well, since he said sorry, and it was a special occasion,
and we were inside a church...


My friend told me to stop being paranoid.
Dada was always at home, and goes home as soon as his work is over.
She doesn't think that he's doing what he was doing before.
She's got a point. However, I cannot help it.
It was so fishy.
Fishy, fishy, fishy. Hehehe.

Well, if it is happening now, I will get hurt, but... I dunno.
I am not heartless. I'm immune to it, I guess. We'll see.

But since we were okay already, I started taking his
pictures again in the car before we went home.
Wanna see what he looks like when he asks me to kiss him?

It was so funny! He'll kill me for this one.


We do not wear our wedding rings anymore. I gave him mine.
Well, I practically threw it at him before. And he also took off his.
What he did was join them together and used it as a pendant for his necklace.


Back to the rites:

Anea read the first and second of the Prayers of the Faithful,
and she did great! We practiced her lines about 20 times
the night before, and she was okay. But when she was reading it
there with a mic, I was impressed. Good voice, nice diction.
I'm so proud.

The only blooper for the day was when she received the host,
the digicam wouldn't click. Grrr...! It was full!!!

Lucky for us there was an official photographer.


It was a super day for Anea. 'Coz after the rites,
we ate at Wendy's where Dada went furious about the
current prices. We joked about this all day. Hahaha.
Dada is the most "kuripot" person ever.

After that we went to TimeZone for a few games and
bought a present for Anea's monita, and she bought
toy porcelain tea cups and saucers.

After that, we brought her home and it was time for Dada
and I naman to go on a date. No details here. But it was also fun,
and all-in-all, 'cept for me being suspicious, I was happy yesterday.
Yehey! I haven't had so much fun with him since years ago.
Until when?
I would not want to know.


More pictures to come about this special occasion
within this week (I have to upload the pictures from the digicam pa eh),
at Honey Anea's photoblog.

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