Wednesday, December 01, 2004

If I die today.. How would it happen?

My stomach would burst from eating too much.

My mom texted me today and invited me for lunch.
So we had lunch at Pancake House. I ordered the pork belly.
I didn't even finish my food. But I was so stuffed!

We talked about money issues and whatnots.
What's nice is she paid my bill. hehe.


Today, the 'kulelats' bought us food!!!
Jocelyn brought spongecake, Martin brought mocha and choco flavored coffee.
Angelo gave us choco logs from Country Style.


I only slept for two hours last night 'coz I made Anea's project....
Hay... it was so taxing! It was a mini tv using a shoebox.
The contents are 2 fables, 2 parables and 1 fantasy story, all mapped!

Story mapping is like giving the Title, Setting, characters...
and then determining which part of the story is the beginning,
middle, climax, and ending. Plus the moral of the story.
With drawings!!!!

I don't get why teachers knowadays give too much homework
and projects.... they know all too well naman that the kids
cannot do them on their own... and in this case, can't do it at all.

Feeling pa nila, sila lang ang teacher ng bata at sila
lang ang nagpapa-project.... Last quarter, her project
for that subject was 30 compound words with pictures and sentences.
Additional 40 words with sentences and pictures of some sort.
Basta, it was a total of 120 drawings!

Gustong-gusto ko ng sugurin yung teacher niya, grabe.

But, as a soon-to-become a teacher, i'd know what she will say....
"Mrs. I gave your daughter a week to do it."



I came across this site which randomly gives you blog ideas.
The blog idea i got is my title today. Helps when you can't
think of anything else to blog.


sleepy na ko.....

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