Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sounds logical....

Why is there a 13 month bonus when its really isn't a
bonus? The mystery is finally revealed!
When the British were in Singapore,
they were being paid weekly & they argued
that Singaporeans were actually
being cheated into believing that
the 13th month pay is a bonus.
Singaporeans are being paid monthly which is
equivalent to 4 weeks pay coz there
are 4 weeks in a month. As the British
were paid weekly, it worked out the same.

You see, there are 7 days in a week.

4 weeks in a month.

12 months in a year.

Then 12 months should work out to 48 weeks only.
But 1 year worked out to 52 weeks!!!
Hence the 13th month is your own pay (not bonus??!!).
(365 days divide by 7 day = 52..... weeks GOT IT!!!!!!
AYOS!!!! )

So, the British argued that there is in fact no
bonus at all??? It is a very simple calculation that
stunned many!!!!

BONUS ??? What bonus???

kaya dapat more bonus pa.

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