Monday, December 26, 2005

feeding the addiction, again...

a round ball-like plush toy is the addition to the turtle addiction collection, and 2 plastic figures that i got at Vente at Glorietta.

Joanne gave me a necklace, ref magnet, 2 keychains, bookmark for Christmas.

My mom promised to find turtle things in California she could bring for me when she comes home on January 25.

She also said she'll bring me the Autism Awareness ribbon that i coveted eversince...

i'm looking forward to seeing my mom again... that'll make the rest of my new year very happy indeed.

saddest Christmas ever...

yes, it was.

it's my first time that my mom and dad weren't with us...
i'm not in good terms with my brother...
we didn't have enough money...
we didn't have too much food on the table...
we weren't able to buy gifts for everyone...
my pet turtle, Pong, died...

these were some of the reasons why I didn't enjoy this year's Christmas. We just slept until 11:30, and woke up to go online and talk to my parents for a while... we watched Harry Potter 1 and didn't finish it.

Baby and Archie weren't with us, since they were with their sisters. Annoyingly, Ronald, also wasn't with us. He fell asleep, according to him. Not that it mattered. But, it added to the loneliness.

One good thing--I have my kids with me the whole time.

Thank God for little angels.

new avatar...

i noticed that my Yahoo! avatar needs to be changed,
so i did... hehe... here is what it looks like now:

Image hosted by

it doesn't look like me a lot, but more or less... hehe...
see that my background is a classroom...
wishing that i can teach soon...
my passion for baubles...
and my black glasses...
although the hair should be a little curlier...
and the whole body to be fatter...
anyway, it's better than the last.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

my new baby


Finding a cure begins with hope.

my wishlist posted on Friendster

a Moleskine

anything with turtles on it (except food)

anything with design


a lot of and

a PalmZire72 with Wi-Fi card and extra 1GB memcard (ambisyosa, di ba?)

a new , and

a pet toy (shih-tzu, lhasa apso)

melon and cucumber scents (currently addicted to it, kahit Zen Zest lang)

lifetime supply of , , and

learn how to and how to play

to ride an again and go see my relatives

a lot of (now, who wouldn't want to have lots of this?)

to see a and


your friendship

peace of mind

true and get again (so i can plan it on my own!)

a house somewhere in Batangas

a dependable

to go to Disneyland with my kids

a good-paying teaching job

your donation or volunteer work to the Soup Kitchen (ask me about it)

the following :

A Thorn in My Pocket, by Eustacia Cutler

A Strange World – Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and PDD-NOS, by Martine F. Delfos

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, by Veronica Zysk and Ellen Notbohm

Sex, Sexuality and the Autism Spectrum, by Wendy Lawson

and of course, world

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feeding the addiction

i'm an addict.

a turtle addict.

and i'm not ashamed of it.

i flaunt it.

i went wild when i saw the upcoming movie that
i forgot the d*mn title with a turtle in it and some squirrels.

i smile when i saw some.

i even say "eureka!".

i hugged friends who give me some.

i even kissed them thanks.

i dunno until when this stops.

but i'm in love.

when i'm in love, nothing can stop me.

i love you, little turtles.

keep on coming.

(the silver slipper pendant has a turtle design)


water squirter and letter opener:

water squirter and letter opener

cd case:

cd case

wind chime (my mom paid for it):

wind chime

the green plushie and red celfone ornament i bought just yesterday, the yellow one was given by anne:

stuff plus my celfone straps

the obsession started when i bought this magnificent little creature (green turtle) that i conveniently named Pong (surname: Pagong) that always brightens my day...

the culprit

and no, i do not believe that they're bad luck.

NOT IN PHOTO: i also have 4 turtle keychains, 2 shirts, a pillow and a tiny plushie...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

let me go


i wanna meet the real me
who'll never be free
stuck in an island alone
waiting til the sun shone

i wanna meet who i once was
before i wore this mask
before i've grown tired
before you messed up my wire

please let me go
so i can see
so in time i'll know
where hides the real me.

i luv someone with Autism