Wednesday, January 26, 2005

maganda ako.

last Sunday since we have nothing else to do, and Dale was sick, i went to the drugstore to buy a bottle of paracetamol. i also bought a, well, err...a nosepack. haha.

Anea and I were talking about it way back 'coz she's developing blackheads on the sides of her nose... well, i thought that maybe those were just short hairs, but...

so, i placed the white goo on her nose and after a few minutes peeled it off. She said 'ouch' about five times.

And there they were.... HAIRS!

Dozens and dozens of tiny black hairs. They were like a congregation of hairs all around the white stuff. It was icky.

So, she's now walking around with a new hair-free nose.

I also tried it on, obviously. And I went on smoothing the goo on my nose down to my cheeks... hahaha.

It was cold! And it hurt when i took it off.

Yep. There was nothing on it 'cept for miniscule hairs, that I can count with my fingers. Unlike Anea's icky white stuff.

Oh well.

So much for beauty regimen no. 1.

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