Monday, January 31, 2005

My daughter and I agreed to go on a diet.

Yesterday when we attended Mass, I noticed that Anea is having difficulty in walking. My mom and I thought that this might be because she is overweight, and most of it is concentrated on her tummy. She's also developing stretchmarks on her legs.

Anea wasn't fat early on. We were having difficulty before on how to make her gain weight. It seemed that all the supplements we tried turned futile, until we found the secret of our helper, Archie's, tinola.

It may seem funny, but yes, Anea was so addicted to the tinolang manok that she became fat... and fatter... and fatter...

Now, it isn't funny anymore.

So we made a pact that she will try to lose weight. And she said she will if I will. And to make her feel good about everything, I said ok. I want her to feel that I am supportive of her in this endeavor.

We will not follow a specific diet plan like Atkins or Southbeach or whatever. Our goal is to increase metabolism, the natural way. And to have some physical activity even once a week like badminton.

For starters, I just told her to lay off too much carbo like rice, and sweets, and soda. After work, I'm going to the supermarket to buy some fruits and cereal and whatnots and a new thermos for school, which will be filled with just... WATER.

She doesn't go to school with just water. She wants either juice or a chocolate drink like Milo.

I have searched the internet with tips on how to increase metabolism, and they are fairly easy. I just hope that she will succeed, even if I don't, hehehe, in this task.

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