Thursday, January 27, 2005

a princess all the way.

Last night, Anea and I watched reruns of Anne Hathaway's movies--Princess Diaries 1 & 2, and Ella Enchanted--much to my mom's chagrin. I think she thinks I'm too old to be watching teen flicks.

Well, I do... and I love them.

I've said before and I'll say it now. I relish in the fact that there might be happy-ever-afters. That's why I don't watch movies that does not have a happy ending. I watch movies to relax and feel good anyway. Although I'm also a fan of sci-fi and the lot, but I hate love stories with sad endings. Much less stories without endings. You know, the kind na bitin?

So, there I was reliving Amelia Mignonette Renaldi's life... and I remember my childhood days... when I was once... a PRINCESS.

Being the only girl among three siblings and the youngest at that, gave me nice privileges. Bossing around your big brothers top them all. Haha. It's nice when you can just give them the im-gonna-tell-dad look and they cringe with fear.

'Course I also cringe whenever they have this do-i-look-like-i-care-about-to-pounce-on-ya stance.

There's also the issue being close to Mom. We sorta have this Saturday girls-only thing. And me being her only daughter, girls-only's members are just me, and her.

There were times that I wish I had a sister... but girls-only outings are not those times. I'm happy that my mom's attention (and purse) was centered only to me .

I rarely go home without packages. But since I was a child I was never the brands type. And I don't ask her for clothes and shoes. Even a piece of cute stationery will bring smiles to my flat face.

Oh. And then there's Dad. He worked for Manila Zoo before as payroll clerk (i think). He usually brings me there to play. Of course, backstage access to all the lions and snakes were pretty superb. There was this entrance to the back of the lion's cages, and it's a riot there. As soon as you enter, all the lions will just go wild and roar their hearts out.

The Manila Zoo experience was super nice. The family made friends there. Comes my next point. I was not only a princess to my family, but also to my Mom and Dad's friends.

I remember my Tito Sinoc always brings me food! He made me eat balut, and made me touch all kinds of animals there, including a baby lion and a huge python. So when he died I couldn't help but cry when his wife told me that Tito Sinoc always tell her stories about me, and what I ate when I was in the zoo.

My Tito Elmer taught me how to blend colors with my crayons. Tito Fred always took my pictures. Tito Odik made me eat those exotic dishes. Tito Oyie, the vet, gives me candies and showed me EVERYTHING in the zoo. Backstage pass and all!

My mom's friends though, taught me how to eat in a hotel and showed me what it feels like to ride in a Benz, and eat Japanese and Chinese food. Haha.

Mom and Dad's friends are oil and water to me. That's why I grew up to be like this... DIVERSE. And I love being me.

Hay... my childhood days were so much fun. But then, growing up was a pain. Haha. Oh well. We can't have it all.

Sabi nga ni Augee: "Such is life..."

And we can't have too many princesses.

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