Wednesday, January 26, 2005

should have posted this days ago.

My mom, Anea and I watched 'Meet The Fockers' on Saturday. It was hilarious, and Barbara Streisand did well for her part. Although, there were a lot of questions during and after the movie coming from Anea. Haha.

We ate at Jollibee afterwards. There I was eating my salad when I notice this hair sticking out of it. Talk about major Ew! So I called a crew and showed him it, and I pulled the hair from the salad and good Lowrd! It was long and curly! Yuckers. Lost my appetite.

And the young guy didn't even apologize. So I demanded a manager and told him off.

Point is... since I worked for a customer service oriented company and after hours listening and reading to consumers yack about service, I finally learned how to be the one yacking. It's disgusting.

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