Monday, February 14, 2005


It's cake. Haha. I called Dada a little earlier. He asked me what flavor cake I wanted. I said wag na lang. I just want him to come home agad after his meeting.


I forgot to mention that last night we went to church. All 5 of us. Mama said, how nice that we are going as a family.

Came the bad part.

Anton exclaimed during Mass: "Kurdero ng utot..." in a sing-song voice.

Of course, I got mad. I asked him, "yan ba tinuturo sa yo ng lola mo? tatawag nga ako dun, tatanungin ko." He obviously got angry, because I suddenly felt his hand on my cheek.


My 4-year old son slapped me. I went numb. I felt like crying in front of all the people inside. It didn't stop there. As I let him go, I told him that he will not go back to the house again... and that he will stay with his lola from now on. He hit me again on my tummy, and run to his Dad.

Anea just hugged me, and tried to console me.

When we got in the car, I told Dada what happened. He told Anton off.

When we were getting out of the car, he was also trying to go out. I told him that he can't and he'll live with his lola from now on.

When we were in the house, I told my parents what happened.

5 minutes and the phone rang. It was Dada telling me to wait for Anton downstairs. Anton was crying and wanted to come home. When he got there, he didn't come up to me. He was standing near the stairs trying to get his jumper off. Of course, he couldn't do it. My mom asked him to come and she'll take it off. He shook his head no. His back was turned. I can see that he won't give up.

I came over and took the jumper off. He did not say anything to me. He talked only to my mom.

We were watching Indiana Jones on HBO. Next thing I knew he was later on sitting beside me, his head resting on my arm. Next, he fell asleep on my lap.

Today, I called the house, he told me that he is playing the computer and that he loves me.

I do not know what I am going to do with Anton.

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