Thursday, February 10, 2005

bakit ako pissed

(WARNING: explicit language. not to be read by the religious, the cranky, the narrow-minded, and the people involved here, since this is a Final Written Behavioral Warning awardee, and I still need about 4 months worth of this job. But what the heck, this is my blog, right? Why the hell should I think about what you think?)

ok. the last three days, the team has been moved from one station to another. basically, that's three times already. It takes time, effort, mind-boggling tech knowledge, and hope. If I explain the process completely, I will rant on for ages.

it is bad enough that we have to wait for the voice reps to log-off before we can log-in. bad enough that we have to take their stares and snippets of catty bratty can't-u-just-look-for-another-station retorts (pitikin ko uten mong bakla ka, tingnan ko lang kundi ka maging lalake).

NOTE: I usually have high regard with all sexes. the use of the term bakla here is only pertaining to one person and not to be taken personally.

bad enough that when they see you standing (probably taking a breather), they tell you that you're slacking off. Talk about major presumptuousness. yeah, yeah. we take the liberty to slack off sometimes. but these reps see to it that they have reached their quotas at the end of the day, so who am I to tell them off?

bad enough that I, appointed OIC only by the supervisors and not by the company, have to do their jobs and still do mine without extra remuneration, and with my productivity suffering (chos!).

and now, this!

i have been the one who has to hear all the moans and the complaints of these people. especially when we knew that the software does not run properly on all the freakin stations.

and what do i get?

"you have to be flexible with changes..."

typical interview-for-promotion suggestion. i have to control myself and not laugh my wide forehead off. I think mi superior has been mistaking me for someone who cares...

well, if they haven't heard it yet... i don't fucking care.

i don't care what anyone thinks! Because i'm not going to follow another person's path. I don't even think about applying for a higher position in the same team. i know too much about the account and how it is running. If you do not know how screwed up the account is then here's a hint: reps shinning for the Account Transfer Program.

what do i care about? I care about the reps. I care about them personally. I wouldn't want them to set-up new stations again and again for 3 straight fuckin days. I wouldn't want them to be given false hopes that they will be given permanent stations. That they can even leave their things on their stupid stations. That 'last na to talaga'. Bloody hell.

And do you know what caring about employees is called?

Better-than-you material.

So, if you think that I am pissed because I couldn't take pressure... think again. This will not reflect on me. I am not the one in-charge of everything. I won't be thought of as an incompetent fool. If all falls down, it really isn't my responsibility to answer for them. Then whose is it? I'll give you three chances to guess. Don't strain yourself, though. Let your brain juice flow naturally.

Again, why was I pissed? Because I left my wallet at home and had no money to buy food to gorge on while doing what they were supposed to be doing and simultaneously doing what I was paid to be doing (i'm a multi-tasking eight-handed freak). That's why.


My mom and I watched the Flight of the Phoenix. It was nice, especially the sandstorm, and the way they crashed (don't mind me, i'm a critic not just of the story but also the over-all movie-making process).

There're two lines that I remembered:

"I don't understand how a man who learned how to fly can't have hopes and dreams."

"I believe that there's only one thing that a man lives for, and that is love. If you can't give them that, then give them hope. And if you can't give them that, then give them something to do."


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