Friday, February 18, 2005

Lesson 1 : Some things that even smart kids need to learn

Foreword: Naisip ko lang, teacher ako. Kelan pa ako magsisimulang magturo? Kung hindi ngayon, kelan? Wala lang. Nonsense. Pagbigyan nyo na ko.

Let's roll...


Bochog was accepted to take their school's excellence (oral and written) exam. Master Yoda Yadda is helping Bochog to answer possible questions of the panelists.

Master Yoda Yadda: What if the panelist will ask you, "What if your parents broke up?"

Bochog: I will feel sad.

Master Yoda Yadda: it is only but normal to feel sad. But, you must remember that the earth still revolves even if you die.

Bochog: Di ko na-gets.

Master Yoda Yadda: Ako rin eh.

(laughter fills the room)

Master Yoda Yadda: what I meant was, if your parents broke up, you should continue doing what you were doing. If you were doing your best in school, an unhappy event should not end your dreams. Remember what I always tell you?

Bochog: Hm.. ang dami mo kayang sinasabi sa kin...

Master Yoda Yadda: Yung lagi-lagi... like... kapag naiinggit ka sa kapatid mo pag di ka nabili ng nanay mo ng chocolate...

Bochog: Ah! Not everything is about me.

Master Yoda Yadda: Precisely.

Bochog: Mahilig ka rin magsabi ng precisely.

Master Yoda Yadda: Precisely!

(laughter fills the room)

Master Yoda Yadda: Sabi ko nga, not everything is about you... to understand it better, let me tell you a concept that my philosophy teacher taught me. Have you heard of the Ripple Effect?

Bochog: ano?!

Master Yoda Yadda: Ripple Effect. Alam mo ba kung ano yung ripple?

Bochog: Ah! Yung sa tubig. Kapag may binato ka?

Master Yoda Yadda: Precisely! Like the Ripple Effect... everything that you do, affects others. Now, if you only thought of yourself, like for example, when your parents broke up, and you thought of how painful it was, you wither away and feel sad all the time, affecting your studies...

If you do not do good in school, you will fail.

If you fail, your brothers might think that it is also okay to fail, and they too, fail.

If they fail, your parents will fight and think that it will be each other's fault, and...


Bochog: Gets ko na, gets ko na.

Master Yoda Yadda: Do you know now what you must do if your parents break up?


Bochog: iiyak lang ako kapag gabi na. pag umaga na, magaaral na akong mabuti.

Master Yoda Yadda: Fair enough. Do you have questions about what I said?

Bochog: Hm. Ano yung wither?

That, is a lesson for some other day.

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