Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lesson 2: Cheating is Stealing

Part 2 of Bochog's pratice for the excellence exam. If this persists, I have to call this the Bochog Chronicles.

Master Yoda Yadda: Maybe one of the panelists will you ask you this: "
What if your teacher caught you cheating?"

Bochog: Uh... um... i'm gonna say... i'm sorry??

MYY: Er... Nope. I think if I were the panelist, i'm gonna flunk you right away for that.

Bochog: di ko alam eh. Yun lang naman eh. Sorry naman talaga ako.

MYY: I think the best answer to that is only a 6-word sentence.

Bochog: Hm... I am really, really, really sorry?


MYY: Are you trying to be funny? Come here!

(After 2 minutes of a tickling match...)

MYY: Ok. The only good answer I can come up with is this: She won't, because I don't cheat. How's that?

(eyes bulging)

Bochog: Ang galing...! Oo nga!

MYY: Now tell me honestly, do you? Have you ever cheated?

Bochog: Yung isa ngang classmate namin, nahuli ni Miss, tumitingin sa notebook.

MYY: I'm not asking about your classmate, though.

(looking at Bochog with a raised brow)

Bochog: Hinde no! Never! Nakakatakot pag nahuli ka.

MYY: It's not just fear. Although it is helpful to one's soul to have fears. Don't ask me what I meant by that, it's too complicated for you now.

Just remember this--It is better for you to fall, than fly by using stolen wings.

Bochog: Hindi naman ako nagnanakaw eh.

MYY: Cheating is stealing. Not just from your seatmate, but from your own dignity. You steal something away from yourself. And if you yourself steals something from your own, then what would that make you?

Bochog: A pile of bile dung?

MYY: Er... that, too. But. Um.. Uh... Just... don't cheat, ok?

Sometimes, punchlines like this can make Master Yoda Yadda lose her thoughts and composure.

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