Tuesday, February 01, 2005

of Canada and the 'mommy' returns

Out of curiosity, I submitted an online visa assessment form for Canada yesterday. Results came in today, stating that my husband is qualified, and we are to be given a Permanent Resident Status if ever we push through with it.

Mixed emotions. Mostly, nanghihinayang ako. Coz I know that we couldn't take the offer since it will cost us roughly around 300-400 thousand for the processing. A hundred goes to the immigrant lawyers where I applied for assessment.

I want to go 'coz I know that a better future awaits us there financially, but then again, we are not sure of what the future have for us.

Anyway, 'nuf about that.

Mai is now working again. Slimmer, paler Mai 'The Bomb' Caancan is now sporting a new look, called the 'I-dont-wanna-come-to-work-na-but-i-have-to' look that fascinatingly, is very contagious.

Let the fun pintasan begin.

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