Monday, April 25, 2005

dumbass Pong

naisip kong bilisan ang trabaho simula ngayon kasi i'm itching to answer emails from my mom and dad...

after ng maraming kwento mula kay Mai at kung kani-kanino... after ng isang basong hot choco, iced tea... after ng lunch na alang enta... naka-quota rin ako.

as i was sending my 230th email, this message pops up:

sorry po, i dont know who you are. i was instructed by... not to talk to strangers ...
someone from the office sent me an IM. I answered back:

hindi na ito sumagot pa... thinking it was a prank, like what Basti did kanina rin... It was actually sent to a supervisor log-in, since I use it to watch the team's stats... especially mine. So, it wasn't actually sent to me in particular. pero i dunno... they all know here that I use that log-in.

i felt curious from who it came from, so I searched... habang naghahanap ako, I was kinda wishing that it was just a misent and that it came from another person, and not from she-who-must-not-be-named.

hay... the odds are against me. when i clicked on her name, the box flashed. putangina galing sa kanya...

i felt cold all over... it was so freaky.

buti na lang quota na ko... nyeta. she disturbs me with just one message that is not apparently for me, or is even coherent. I thought:

omg. she can play mind games. she might've known that i'm the biggest coward on the floor.... she must've known that i know her secrets... she must've known that i can talk to animals...

wah!!!! i have to get out of here... i have to make sure she doesn't catch me. i have to... i have to... i have two hands... the left and the right!
ok, ok. i know. im such a dumbass. so sue me. but she really made my skin crawl. promise. i'm never gonna be the same brat that i am.

shiver me timbers.

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