Friday, April 08, 2005

Face Analyzer

Nakuha ko ito sa blog ni Hanagirl. I tried it and here are the results:

Race Analysis

100% Middle Eastern
0% East Indian
0% Eastern European
0% Southern European
0% Anglo Saxon
0% South East Asian
0% Korean/Japanese
0% Chinese

Personality Profile Rank

Intelligence 6.6
Risk 4.3
Ambition 6.2
Gay Factor 1.4
Honor 5.2
Politeness 6.0
Income 6.6
Sociability 5.3
Promiscuity 3.0

YOUR ARCHETYPE: Beta Academic.

Personality Profile:

You are a long-term planner, diligent worker and avoid risk as much as possible. You are of above average intelligence and have the ability to focus on tasks that seem unimportant at present, but can lead to greater things in the foreseeable future. You are not keen to interact with others or make social connections. You would rather gain material wealth before putting yourself in a position to be judged. You are not confrontational unless someone directly opposes your intellectual beliefs. You are highly concerned with your social status. You are keen to avoid risks that could jeopardize your long-term plans. You take a calculated approach to life, working hard to control all aspects of it in order to not leave anything important to chance.

You tend to be a perfectionist and quite self-conscious. You sometimes wish you were less reserved and more like some others you see who are more bold and outspoken in social situations. But as much as you try to be like them, you cannot, because you care too much about the future to ever be comfortable taking risks in social situations.

Alpha academic: Solid long-term planner. Highly intelligent, ambitious and loyal to close ones.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Banker, Chief Accountant, Corporate Consultant, Head Engineer, Stock Broker, Business owner (professional skill/knowledge based business operation)

Beta academic: Not as intelligent or ambitious as Alpha Academics, but still focused on being materially successful.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Analyst, Accountant, Architect, Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Psychologist

Theta academic: Not as intelligent as Alpha and Beta academics, but still intelligent.

Expected Occupations: Pharmacist, Accountant, Teacher, Journalist, Computer Technician

at ang pinakamatinding result:

Gender: Male.

punyetang analyzer yan.

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