Wednesday, April 20, 2005

thou shalt not steal.

i noticed this website on my list of referrers, meaning, somebody came from that website and went to mine... meaning, i might have a link on there.

since I was not familiar with the name, i checked it out... Lo and behold! this is what was written on it:

annoying or flatering?
I'd go with annoying
So Jeremy just sent me this link of a blog that happens to use a desktop that he designed (its posted on his site.) While this is very annoying to be sure I'm nothing but jealous. No one--to my knowledge--has ever stolen any of my design's I'm just going to say that its because they respect me too much. But really I'm just going to use it as an excuse to update my site (or at least the blog portion) to be much more steal-able...
and this was my reply:

hey... im sorry if Jeremy thought I stole his design... it was posted on, and it said it was free, and it was so pretty, and i love turtles so much that i downloaded it and used it.

there were links on there on the credits section that i didn't change though, meaning, that i really wasn't the one who made it and credit goes to someone else.

if he feels bad about it, i can go ahead and change my blog template. just tell him to email me at

Let's make it clear. if you wouldn't want anything of yours stolen, keep it in a safe place. Plus the fact that it was on a public website that offers blog templates for FREE? I think, it was a little nasty of you to suggest that I stole his designs and that it was annoying.

Did i ever mention that I made that template? Nowhere in my site did I gave credit to myself.

In any case, I still am grateful for the design... i liked it that's why I used it. If I were you, I'd be more flattered than annoyed. Be annoyed to the person who posted your design here.

It still stands though, that if you want me to change my template, I will do so pronto. And mind you, I change it all the time. This is the first time that I am using a template for this long. You really should be flattered.

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