Sunday, May 08, 2005


This is for my Lola Adelina, whom we fondly call Mama Deling.
When we were younger, we would go to our Lola's house
directly from school instead of our own.
As soon as we get there, we call out her name... and she comes running to us.

She was the most kind person I have ever met. Never had a bad bone in her body.
Never speaks ill of others... and she is a fabulous cook.

She was the one who took out all my milk teeth... she pulled them with a string.
She made me warm milk when my tummy aches.

And when she was sick with cancer, I was the one who read to her...
It made me realize how easy life can be taken away from us...
I can never forget how she looked at me when I was reading her horoscope for her (Leo)...
how her bony hands felt when I held her.

The doctors told us that there was nothing that we could do...
but she didn't go...
The doctors told us that it will be a few days...
she didn't go...

she was in a coma for weeks... it felt like years to me.

when my Tito Johnny came to her bedside at last,
she opened her eyes, looked up...
and left this earth.

it was like she was just waiting for him... her prodigal son.

i terribly miss her, and will always remember her to be someone I wish I was...
aside from my own mother, she was the best mother I knew.


Papa Fed and Mama Deling

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away
So far away

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Darling I never showed you
Assumed you'd always be there
I took your presence for granted
But I always cared
And I miss the love we shared

Although the sun will never shine the same again
I'll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say...

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