Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the day i put my life in someone else's hand.

i have tried numerous times to quit smoking... and i never did... sure, i can go without smoking for weeks, but then i'd find myself asking her for a cigarette again and again... then i thought, it's because nobody cared enough what i do to myself. because they knew that i have my own will. but then, it's different. read on...

you know why i continue to smoke?

y? to kill urself? hehe

coz nobody asked me to stop.

cancer sticks. not cigarette sticks.

yeah. but then nobody has ever told me pointblank to quit. they just tell me this and that.



its different when you tell me that it can kill u... its different when u tell me its no good for u... than telling me to stop.

then quit. think of your children.

then i will. if you're telling me to quit, though.

humans sometimes don't think of themselves. so humans must think another level.

so, are u telling me to quit, then?

if i tell u to quit, and you quit, u must never smoke a single cancer stick for the rest of your life. can u do that?

as i said, are u telling me to quit, then?


ok. thank you.

no prob.

i promise not to smoke a cancer stick until i can see a mole at the palm of my hand.

its different when u put ur life into someone else's hand. u feel obliged to live.

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