Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mona Lisa Smile

Last night, I watched Mona Lisa Smile on VCD that I rented from Video City. I also rented Wimbledon and Summer Catch.

There was nothing really special about the movie, except that the main role was portrayed by Julia Roberts. It was done well enough, but it didn't catch my attention all too well.

I have watched a handful of movies about teachers and how they managed to make a difference in their students' lives. Which is exactly what Julia, a.ka. Ms. Watson wanted to do.

I say that making a difference can be done by anybody and anything. Teachers are not the only ones capable of doing so. Though, they have the authority, the outlet, the medium to do just that.

I believe that all the more crucial is that you make yourself important in someone else' life. Sure, you can make a difference... but that difference can only burn your skin, and not bore through your bones. It may change your mind, but not your spirit.

Hence, i take this opportunity to name a few of my teachers, and people who are important to me because they made a difference in my life:

to Momma who have sacrificed everything to hone me into a good person like you (hehe).

to Papa who have taught me that if i wouldn't want to lose something, i have to keep an eye on it.

to Kuya Dudei who have shown me that change is not impossible in people.

to Erick who have taught me about respect and kinship.

to Ronald (yes, i have something to be thankful for) for giving me three of my reasons for breathing.

to Anea who have given me great pride just by knowing that I am a part of you.

to Dale who have taught me how to be strong, patient, loving, awed, and who gave me the drive and determination to learn more and want more, and never give up in finding a 'cure'...

to Anton who reminded me that i was also a sweet kid when i was his age...

to Archie who didn't leave us in times that we do not have enough.

to you who didn't flinch and who didn't leave me in times of trouble.

to Scarface who taught me that distance is never a hindrance to love and family.

to someone who went to Manila twice a month for 4 months, called me everyday via long distance, who taught me that you need to lie about something if you do not
want to hurt the one who's desperately in love with you.

to Caloi, for teaching me to let go of the past after you've cried enough.

to the whole team, for teaching me how to shut up.

to someone who made me realize that men do cry and get hurt, that life is unfair sometimes and that it is hateful to be human... but most of all, for this.

to you, for teaching me how to be generous, and that sexiness is not about how big your boobs are, but how high your forehead actually is..... nah, it's still about the boobies.

and to you, for everything else in between.
i do not know why Mona Lisa was smiling... but if i were her, these are the reasons why i would be.

a lot of people have not been mentioned... but they remain in my heart, and i am forever idebted to them for bringing out the worst and best part of me. I love all of you.

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