Saturday, July 02, 2005


since we cannot access Blogger from the office, we cannot blog all the time... i can only update it when i'm at home and when my kids are not using the pc...

so for the meantime, i'm posting at Multiply, and then transfering my posts to Blogger when i am able.

Multiply is also a good service... you can posts pictures, videos, music, links, recipes, put something up for sale, and of course the journal.... and if u are a member, you can also comment on the posts.... you can also set the posts to be viewed by everyone, or by ur contacts only, or by certain members, or by you only... which is great if u want to remember events or secrets that you wouldnt want anyone to know. hahahaha.

i like the album feature most of all, coz i can post a lot! one album i think already carries more than a hundred and fifty pictures!

anyway, you might want to try it... and if you have an account there already, add me up... drop me a line to say hi!

so, goodbye Blogger for now... will be back whenever.

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