Saturday, August 13, 2005

10 Things

1. my folks are now in California... they flew in yesterday morning... hoping that they will have a better chances of getting a higher-paying job... and hoping they won't get sick or something...

2. my blog is getting busier... and i wasn't aware that Sideblog free edition didn't come with archives, so I guess i'm kinda disappointed... archiving is available for premium members, though. so i'm not sure what i'm gonna do... if i'm gonna take them off... (thinking)

3. i signed up for a few stuff like 43Things and Flicker... will add them to my template this weekend.

4. Chikka, my Kuya Dudei's pet chowchow died 2 days ago (due to pneumonia, they think). He's still a baby... just a few months old... and they were not sad because they lost 15T worth of investment, but because Chikka was so adorable and they all miss her so much... sad no? So now, they have 4 adult shih-tzus left and i dunno how many shih-tzu pups... I know that Tiny (one of them) is now pregnant again. Kuya is raising shih-tzus for business. If you wanna buy one, i think their price is from 9T - 11T depending on the sex and whatever. I couldn't understand their buying terms. hehe. Breed and color of the pups and soon-to-be pups are sooooo nice... especially the chocolate-colored ones... send me an email if you wanna reserve a pup, coz they always sell like hotcakes.

5. I am now looking for a part-time job to augment my meager (hehe) earnings. I'm wallowing in debt and I hate the feeling of helplessness... I applied for one and I'm contemplating if I will pursue it... it might be hard 'coz the travel time might be a problem. It's near EDSA and traffic was bad at that time... so, i'm looking for other job options.

6. I am still reading books and listening to CDs about learning to speak Spanish... however, i'm beginning to think that i'm getting nowhere... learning without practice is not learning at all.

7. Anea and Anton are always singing nowadays... thanks to their Yaya Baby's influence. And on top of that, Anton has started calling everyone Ate (naging magalang ng konti), and singing with feelings and in correct tone, mind you... how cute is that?

8. Dale is improving, according to his teacher... we always encourage him to write everyday and listen to his teacher... and he does them because I said if he doesn't I will call Papa and tell him not to send Dale CDs with games anymore. I'm such a bad Mom. hehehe.

9. The weather is nice nowadays... but I'm just saying this 'coz i'm in the office when it's raining and i'm not the one getting wet... it's cold during the night and I always get sleepy... it was fun, until Anea developed a cold and couldn't sleep well... wawa.

10. My cousin, Lexel, is getting married in September to Ihyne (nice lady)... and I was assigned to be commentator... good luck, di ba? har-har. So now I have to buy a new set of presentable clothes... coz all i have in my closet are jeans and shirts... pathetic.

I could list a few more, but I haven't got much time... so I guess, this list will do, for now....

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