Saturday, August 13, 2005

Don't change

I'm not sure if I posted this already.... anyway, this beautiful song deserves a second (and a third, fourth...) post. I hope all guys are like this. Well, at least the part that they love their girl unconditionally, and faithfully... even if they grow old and gain weight.

Don't Change

Lately you've been questioning
If I still see you the same way
Coz through these trying years
We gonna both physically change
Now don't you know you'll always be
The most beautiful woman I know
So let me reassure you darlin' that
My feelings are truly unconditional

See, I'll love you when your
hair turns gray, girl
I'll still want you if you gain
a little weight, yeah
The way I feel for you will
always be the same
Just as long as your love
don't change, No

I was meant for you and
you were meant for me, yeah
And I'll make sure that
I'll be everything you need, yeah
Girl the way we are is how it's gonna be
Just as long as your love don't change

'Cause I'm not impressed, more or less
By them girls in the T.V and magazines
'Cause honestly I believe that your beauty
Is way more than skin deep
'Cause everything about you makes me feel
I have the greatest gift in the world
And even when you get on my last nerve
I couldn't see myself being with another girl

So don't waste your time worrying 'bout
Small things that ain't relevant to me
'Cause to my understanding
you're all I want and need
See, what I'm trying to say
is I'm here to stay
And as long as your love doesn't change
Baby, baby darling I swear that I,
I swear I ain't going nowhere, no

You are my baby
Don't you change
baby I love you
got to know,
Yeah, yeah

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