Monday, August 15, 2005

Just In Case

as i was browsing through my Windows Media Player, rating all the songs on it, I noticed that I have the song that I was searching for all along... hehehehe.... so last Friday to Saturday, it was all I listened to at the office... like a broken record. I dunno, i'm a sucker for nice (kilig) lyrics, even if the beat is somewhat fast. Here's the song:

Just in Case

Just in case I don't make it home tonight
Let me make love to you for the last time, baby
Wanna cherish each moment like the last
Cause baby you're all that I have
So just in case

Think of how we made love almost anywhere
Haven't I taken you almost everywhere
Think of all the things that, that we shared
Then imagine me not there, oh

Giving you more karats than a rabbit
Got you living lavish
Anything I've got, you can have it
Baby I'll do magic
I'll do all I can, to keep you satisfied
So just in case I don't make it home tonight, baby

Haven't I made you feel so special
As your man I've held your hand
Never letting go
Let you hold the keys to the Lex, huh to drive
Gave you all you need and more as long as I'm alive

Even from the heavens up above
I'll shine all around
Too much is never enough
Ooh you're all I want
Even when I'm gone, our love will carry on
It's just that strong
So just in case

Baby you know I love you
More than anything in this whole world
You're my anything, my everything
My wife, my queen
So if something happens to me
There's something you need to know, oh

Yesterday was Bea's 1st birthday, and her party was at McDonald's New Frontier... it was fun... especially since Dale and Anton were havin so much of it... they gamely went through one game to another... jumping all around the place and totally enjoying themselves... have a look:

Both of them got thrown out of this game.. but they didn't throw a fit either, unlike before... so i guess, it was really pretty amazing...

I let Anea's hair down for the party since it was already long and shiny... I wish I took a picture of her from my fone... coz everyone was saying just how pretty she was, especially her "balik bounce-bounce" hair... hehe...

this one was taken by Anea... you can take one wise guess which one of us is still in-love after 10 years of marriage... sad and pathetic, isn't it?

i envy most couples who still love one another... i sometimes ask God why Ronald was the one who was given to me... but then again, i thought i heard God answer me that He wasn't the one, but I chose and decided that Ronald was it...

I keep on thinking why him.... he isn't sweet... nor thoughtful... nor sensitive to my feelings... nor generous... nor showy...

because that's how I am... and that's also the kind of person I need...

but he was funny at that time. so, heck, i had my fair share i guess... i can't have it all...

but you know what? as long as my kids are happy, i don't care whether or not i am with my personal life... i guess, my only source of happiness is just my kids now... =)

so, if there is one problem i'm dwelling on right now, it's the fact that i'm insanefully BROKE. Duh? Who isn't nowadays? =)

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