Monday, September 26, 2005

longest post ever...

wala akong magawa, so i checked the friendster bulletin and decided to copy-paste all the surveys i got from my friends.... so here!

What if

1. what if someone ask u for a date?
--- nobody in his right mind will do that

2. what if that person is your ultimate crush?
--- impossible.... really...

3. what if nalaman mo na may anak na ex-bf/gf mo?
--- omg. im gonna be so freaked out! haha. yeah, right. ano naman ngayon, paramihan pa kami ng anak eh. =)

4. what if someone gave u 1 million dollars for a nude portrait?
--- it's gonna be one freaky nude portrait, with a lot of stretch marks. haha.

5. what if ung nanliligaw sau / nililigawan mo ay nagtxt na break na kau?
--- sus. ikaw na gumawa ng question na ito, naka-drugs ka ba? ang gulo mo eh.

6. what if umulan ng pako?
--- haha. eh di magandang panahon yun para magtayo ng bahay. libre pako.


1. who would u like to give thanks to?
--- God, Parents, Family, Friends

2. kanino mo gustong sabihin e2 "pls give me another chance.."
--- wala na. ayoko na.

3. eh e2 I dont wanna see u anymore
--- marami. kasi maraming siraulo sa mundo.

4. who would u like to be stuck in an elevator with and ano sasabihin mo?
--- ooh... that's a thought... i guess someone interesting... a friend, or Robin Williams, but if it was Robin, i guess the elevator will smell funny after we get off, coz of all the gas... you know how Robin is... he won't stop making you laugh until you fart well enough. haha.

5. To whom would u like to have a cup of coffee with?
--- hm... Peel Here... Bes... Chits... J...

6. sinong gusto mong maging presidente ng Pilipinas?
--- c Mai na lang.


1. where do u like to get married?
--- if ever im gonna get married again, sa Caleruega... sa may Nasugbu. with only close people... in a simple veil-less gown.... hay... sana i could get married to the right guy again... tapos i will plan the wedding... my wedding wasnt planned kasi... biglaan...

2. where is your favorite hang out?
--- sa Glorietta ako madalas. sa Caleruega pag out of town... kaso lang i rarely do that anymore.

3. where was your first kiss (pang bf/gf)?
--- ooh... syet. where nga ba? i honestly dont remember... can u believe that? pathetic. i guess, i just shut it off from my mind... not a pleasant experience i think... or whatever... first kiss na lang that mattered, was in a moviehouse, watching Child's Play 2 (ages ago, huh?)... with my now husband... i swear, when we kissed, i felt like i could melt. as i said, that was ages ago.. haha.

4. where did u meet/see your ultimate crush?
--- ultimate? crushes are for the moment lang sa kin... my husband was i guess my ultimate crush siguro kasi i had a crush on him since i was in grade school... kaya nga napilitan yung ligawan ako eh... naawa sa akin... kaso lang pinikot ko siya, so poof! he became miserable... haha. pero ngayon meron akong crush... pero di ko sasabihin kung sino... nyehehehe....

5. where was the last time u were before fronting the computer?
--- in bed... i slept early... then the rain poured a little loudly so i woke up, and couldnt sleep anymore...

6. where did you spend your summer vacation?
--- hm... wala... bahay.. trabaho... ganun lang...


1. what gift did u receive in your last b-day?
--- by now, you'll know that i have a bad memory... i really dont have any idea...

2. what would u give to a dying friend?
--- wag ganon... i couldnt take death too well... esp if its a very good... very close.. friend... pagdadasal ko siya siguro...

3. what were the last words your ex told u?
--- hm... ingat? haha.

4. what did u say to him or her (ref. to ques. Number 3)
--- goodbyes make me feel stupid, so i kissed him instead, without looking at him in the eye... coz if i did... mamamatay ako right there and then.

5. what was the last gift u gave someone?
--- i guess it was a set of knives for my cousin's wedding... but i wasn't the one who bought it.. my folks bought it from NY and had it brought here. so i really wasnt the one who gave it... hehe.

6. what would u say to the one who made this questions?
--- wala kang magawa no? hahaha. thanks though. you gave me something to post. =)

1.) 2 TIMER ka ba?

haha. ewan. malamang... nah.... hindi rin... hahahaha....

2.) Paano ka mag-MAHAL?

hay... give it all

3.) WARFREAK ka ba?

depende. sinong aawayin?

4.) Ano ang karamihang FIRST IMPRESSION sayo?

mataray. childish. suplada. lahat ng nega.

5.) Mabilis ka ba magka-CRUSH sa isang tao?

kung ang criteria ay looks, syempre naman. isang tingin mo pa lang... pero kung ang criteria ay buong pagkatao, matagal...

6.) Ano ba TALENT mo?

type at 52wpm? haha.


pag may pagseselosan.

8.) Madali ka bang MAKALIMOT?

hahaha. sobra. ano nga bang tanong mo?

9.) Paano mo masasabi na TRUE FRIEND ang isang tao?

yung taong barubal, true friend yun. yung prangka at sasabihin sau mali mo.

10.)importante, FRIENDS OR LOVE ONES..???

both naman.

11.) Naniniwala ka ba SA LOVE?


12.) TELEBABAD ka ba to the max?

depende sa kausap. pag asawa ko, eto lang sinasabi ko:

-hindi pa.
-tapos na.

bad ko di ba? pero pag si Mai at si Bes, mahina 30 minutes.

13.) Do you beleive in REINCARNATION ?

yes. for no reason at all. so don't ask.

14.) Iyakin ka ba pagdating sa LOVE?


15.) May KINAIINISAN ka ba ngaun?

the fact that i'm married. not the fact that i have kids ha.

16.) San ka nakatira?

sa house ng parents ko. sa Pasay.

17.) HATE mo na tao?

manloloko... walang modo... iresponsable... walang sense kausap... hindi thoughtful... nananakit... self-absorbed... hm... sino kaya to? 3 guesses who!

18.) Ma-PRIDE ka ba?


19.) do you approve SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP?

ha? oo naman kung nasa tama.

20.) Are you a TXT-ADDICT?

dati. ngayon depende. wala kasing nagtetext sa akin na worthwhile. nyahahaha.

21.) Sinong MAHAL MO?

family... friends... kids... him...

22.) Last question, MASAYA ka ba ngayon?

depende sa klase ng saya... but i could be happier... things could be better... if and only if.... =)

What's the most annoying thing that's still stuck in your brain?
who sang Long As We Believe????

What do you want?
to kiss someone...

What are you wearing at the moment?
a tank top and maong shorts...

How many bucks do you have at the moment?
in my wallet, i guess i have 600 or so...

What instrument does your boyfriend/girlfriend play?
my husband plays nothing... well, er, except for his... uh.. u know... =)

Who do you love at this exact moment?
my kids!

Are you a geek?

When's the last time your boyfriend/girlfriend logged in in friendster?

Last year's unforgettable event?
my birthday... coz i turned 30. yuck.

Who do you miss?
my parents... chits... a lot of other people.

Can you keep a secret?
lets just put it this way... i wont tell ur secret to people that knows you and you know... fair enough? haha. honestly? yes, i can.

Are you bored?
hah! yeah....

What else are you feeling?
marami... sobra...

What do you think of this survey?
ok lang...


*the last movie you watched?
Perfect Catch with Peel Here....

*the last tv show you watched?
hm... kanina... i think i saw Wowowie in passing...

*the last song you heard just now?
i dont know the title... it's a little too metal... some punk has put it on outside...

*the last thing you got as a present?
hm... i can't freakin remember... bad ko no? hehehe.


best friend: Maureen Glend Magtanggol (where are you?)

car: nyak...

date: hm... as in date? with my now husband. we went to Makati to buy a book according to him.

break-up: ooh... with who? haha. first break-up was in June of 1991 with my ex, Jun.

email address: i think. my cousin made it for me.

self purchased album: yaiks... that's like too long ago na... cassette pa nun...

funeral: my grandmother is the first that i can remember...

pets: really mine? we call him Spiker (a Japanese spitz that my tito Deo gave me for my 7th birthday)... we got the name from a Nike calendar...

piercings/tattoos: piercings, sa ears lang... tattoos, i wish...

credit card: BPI from my mom. it was hers, and she gave me one, too, when i turned 18... she said for emergencies... i think i totally maxed it out then. hahaha...

true love: as in true love, huh? syet. si Ronald.

enemy: i first fought i guess with one of my brothers... but enemy? hm... do i have one? sana wala.

musician you remember hearing in your house: hah! the everly brothers i guess.. or Elvis Presley... whatever my Dad was listening to then.


# of kids u dream of having: hah! (i have 3 now) i always dreamed of having lots of kids... if i were rich, i would have had them... but since i'm now ligated, i cannot have more... i guess i'm gonna adopt na lang if i ever became rich...

dream car: a metallic purple beetle.

mood: hungry. i havent eaten anything since lunch and its now 1 in the morning.

music: not listening to anything but the takatak of my keyboard...

taste: saliva?

hair: tied up in a bun.

longing: love... real kisses...

desktop picture: my mom walking on Sunset Beach...

favorite artist: Robin Williams is a genius... and Phil Collins.

book(s): Hope for the Flowers

color of toenails: ah... wala eh... i dont paint my nails...

hate: being tied.

What's in ur cd player: in my CDROMDRIVE, i guess its GTA. my son was playing kanina.

What color are ur socks now?: none. i always go barefoot inside the house.

What's under ur bed?: dust, i guess.

What time did u wake up today?: hm... around 8, i think...

Where do u want to go?: to heaven? haha.... for now, i'd settle for going to Batangas.... to chill out.

What is ur career going to be?: downhill? haha. ewan. im in a look and see kinda situation...

Where are u going to live?: if i were to choose, i'd choose Batangas.


cigarette: Winston lights.

car ride: hm... in a taxi from Makati Med.

kiss: Anton, before i slept.

good cry: last week.

library book checked out: hm... 3 years ago... when i was in UP.. it's about Psychology probably.

movie seen: Perfect Catch

beverage drank: water

food consumed: rice and pritong bangus

crush: last? i cannot call him a last crush, kasi baka may sumunod pa sa kanya eh...

fone call: with Mai, after Bes.

time showered: as in shower? matagal na... di-tabo kami sa bahay eh, coz the water doesnt come out of the shower anymore... mahirap tubig sa 3rd floor...

shoes worn: my white sandals...

cd played: hm... DVD na lang... Peter Pan....

annoyance: being tied... being tied... being tied...

disappoinment: see above...

time wanting to die: months ago...

time scolded: nino?

shirt worn: this one?

website visited: blogger. friendster. yahoo.

word u said: wag maingay tutulog si mommy.

song u sang: long as we believe


I wish I had is: more money to send all my kids to a nice private school...

I have dat I wish I didn't is: a marriage contract.

Complete this phrase: "I could be.."
... like that.

.... sure.

... what time is it?

.... my glasses and my fone.

... i dunno. someone out there can maybe, be exactly like me.. who knows?

... family, friends, loved ones...

... a bar of Snickers.

... if i were sleepy, id not listen to anything.

... people rarely give, so i give na lang.

... my mom calls me Chinggai, my former students called me Teacher Ayschel, sa office it's Reich, sa calls at sa email it's Rachel S., sa ibang tao it's Rae, sa bestfriend ko its Bes, everyone else it's Achie, my dad spells it as Atsee.

... my kids.

... Perfect Catch sabi eh.

... hug someone from behind, smell him, kiss him, and tell him that i love him... now that would be surreal... but nice. haha.

.... wag ganon... hirap naman non eh... rice na lang siguro, tapos huli na lang ako ng isda somewhere...

... a teacher!

... pitiful.

... do u wanna have fries to go with that? coz i thought of bringing him the Chicken Breat Fillet sa Wendy's and ask him if it was a sin eating it all the time.

singit muna... this is funny... OUT OF OFFICE REPLIES...

1. I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Be prepared for my mood.

2. You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.

3. I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send me until I return from vacation on September 30th. Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it
was received.

4. Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged $10.99 for the first ten words and $5.99 for each additional word in your message.

5. The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection and is unable to deliver this message. Please restart your computer and try sending again. (The beauty of this is that when you return, you can see how many in-duh-viduals did this over and over).

6. Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system. You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply in approximately 19 weeks.

7. I've run away to join a different circus.

1.fave street food?
:: all those balls, but i rarely eat them (afraid of hepa B)

2.fave pasta?
:: pesto, carbonara, spaghetti...

3.fave food pag summer?
:: halo-halo syempre...

4.fave food pag umuulan?
:: tuyo, daing, gulay, manggang hilaw...

5.fave food pag nanonood ng sine?
:: plain popcorn and iced tea (plain kasi i dont wanna get my fingers all orange-y pag cheese)

6.fave shake?
:: mocha!

7.fave night-out drink?
:: tequila/margarita

8.favorite softdrinks?
:: im not much of a cola drinker... if i were, i'd choose sprite over coke, royal over sprite.

9.fave food pag nasa beach?
:: kahit anong inihaw.

10.fave food pag galit?
:: wala.

11.fave cuisine?
:: filipino pa rin...

12.fave dessert?
:: anything with mangoes

13.fave breakfast?
:: anything that my dad can whip up.

14.fave kind of chocolate? (s)
:: all of em.

15.fave food na iniihaw?
:: kahit ano basta may kapartner na manggang hilaw.

16.fave food na may sabaw?
:: sinigang....

17.gusto mong handa sa birthday mo?
:: ayoko ng party... if i were to have one, i wish it wasnt happening. haha. mas gusto kong lumabas na lang kasama a handful of friends and my kids. place to have coffee?
:: sa office early in the morning.

19.saan sulit kumain pag gutom?
:: sa house! palaman sa tinapay?
:: cheese!

21.favorite ice cream flavor?
:: rocky road pa rin. or mango.

22.milo or ovaltine?
:: milo

23.pagkain na hindi mo kakainin?
:: anything out of the ordinary... yung mga exotic.. ayaw ko.

24.lagi ka bang gutom?
:: yeah! super... para akong buntis...

25.san ka willing mag spend para sa masarap na pagkain?
:: kahit san basta gusto ng kasama ko. i rarely eat alone kasi. i dont like not having someone at the table with me... kakalungkot... gusto ko may kasabay....

26.anong pagkain ang gusto mo iuwi from lamay pero hindi pwede?
:: wala.

27.anong gusto mong pagkain sa lamay mo?
:: sana wag na lang... pero kung yun gusto ng maiiwan ko, the usual food...

28.anong food ang ipagdadamot mo?
:: di ako madamot sa food.

29.sinong kilala mong kain ng kain pero hindi tumataba?
:: hm... si Mai... konti lang siya pag tumaba... pero ang lakas kumain... diet ng diet pero hindi pumapayat?
:: hm... mom ko?

1. do u believe in soulmates?
*** yes, for no reason at all... so dont ask.

2. why is it hard to let go of someone you love?
*** coz of love.... its hard to explain.

3. why do u cry after a break-up?
*** ano ba namang mga tanong to?

4. who will you choose: the man/woman who is the center of your world or the man/woman who gave the world to you?
**** who gave me the world siguro...

5. Are you good in hiding your emotions?
**** hindi eh...

6. why do we need to love?
**** oo nga... bakit nga ba?

7. Being single or being taken?
**** ngayon, id say single.

8. What's so nice in being taken?
**** its nice if you want to be taken by someone who loves you.

9. Being single?
**** possibilities

10. Ever cried infront of a bf/gf?
**** sobrang daming beses na.

12. Most painful thing said by a loved one?
**** "hindi na kita mahal."

13. Most beautiful thing said?
**** "dito lang ako."

14. Most painful thing done by a loved one?
**** marami... sobrang dami...

15. Most beautiful thing done?
**** gave me children.

16. how do you cope with a breakup?
**** cry. and cry. and cry. until i cant cry anymore.

17. Describe love in one word?
**** indescribable. if that's a word.

18. What's ur ideal date?
**** with someone you love.

19. How do you spend a day with a loved one?
**** talk.

20. Can lovers be friends?
**** maybe.

21. Is love lovelier the 2nd time 'round?
**** hah!

22. Are you the type of person who expects too much from someone?
**** cguro.

23. What things/qualities deceive you the most?
**** ako pa?! eh, easily deceived ako. im pathetic. im gullible. im worthless!

24. Do you believe that love never dies?
**** hah! naman....

1.Call me _____!

baby? hehe.... just call me by my name, kahit alin sa mga yun...

2. What color of shirt are you wearing right now?


3. What Are You Watching Right Now?


4. What Was The Last Thing You Ate?

rice with pritong bangus... paulit-ulit na mga tanong... mamaya meron na namang last movie you watched dito...

5. Do You Believe In Karma?


6. If You Were A Crayon, what color would you be? Why?

pink. coz i like pink.

7. How Is The Weather Right Now?

rainy day! can i have a star?

8. Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?


10. How Are You Today?

ok lang. nalipasan na ako ng gutom...

11. Favorite Drink(s)?

iced tea.

12. Favorite Alcoholic Drink?


13. Favorite Sport?

wala. i like to watch tennis, pingpong and basketball though.

14.favorite Hair Color?

mine. the salon calls it ash brown.

15. Favorite Eye Color?


16. Favorite Band?

hm... The Creed.

18. Favorite Month?

December... Christmas!

19. Favorite Food?

basta lutong bahay...

20. Last Movie You Watched?

see??!!! Sabi ko sayo merong ganitong tanong eh! it's Perfect Catch!!!!

21. Favorite Day of the Year?

i hate Valentine's Day, My birthday... i like Christmas day... and eve...

23. What Was Your Favorite Toy As A Child?

my Barbies, i guess.

24. Summer or Winter?

winter... coz i haven't tried it...

25. Hugs Or Kisses?

hugs... coz it leads to kissing...

26. Chocolate Or Vanilla?


27. What do you think about loving someone who doesn't love you?

ganan talaga buhay eh...

28. What are the things that make you feel uncomfortable/angry?

uncomfortable but nice... when he touches me...
angry... when another he touches me...

29. Do You Think You're Normal?

hell, no!

30. Friends You Have Had The Longest?


31. What Did You Do Last Night?


32. Favorite perfume?

like the smell of Bvlgari for men and Kenzo for women.

33. Who Inspires You?

my kids...

35. Plain, Buttered Or Salted Popcorn?

Plain, as i explained earlier...

36. Missing someone?


37. Who you gonna follow? heart or brain

i always follow the happiness of other people.


1. ilan na naging ex mo?
as in lahat? hm... i can only treat one as the ex... yung iba, i never really had them so they never will be thought of as an ex.

2.sino sila?
si Jun

3.describe them all in a few lines..
Jun is hardworking and thoughtful

4.bakit kayo naghiwalay?
kasi my parents dont want me to be with him... and then, Ronald sort of came into the picture...

present's your relationship with them now?
i don't see him... after the breakup, wala na.

2.are you in a relationship now?
yes, in a complicated relationship.

3.gano na katagal?
14 years.

4.mahal mo?
he's the father of my kids.

5.tingin mo mahal ka nya?

6.san kayo nag meet?
dito lang sa street namin.

7.ano favorite nyo past time?

8.ano tawag mo sa kanya?

9.ano tawag nya sayo?
achie kayo..
sadly, yes.


1.what plan nyo ngayon?

2.gusto nyo ba mag stay dito sa philippines?
depende. try din sa labas. malay natin.

3.ilan anak gusto nyo?
3 lang anak ko.

4.are you married?
for 10 years, yes. you think this will last for a very long time?
i've had enough.

1. whose picture is it that you keep on your wallet?
naku, marami... my family!

2. what time do you go to bed?
depende... around 10pm usually...

3. what was the last thing you did before filling this survey?

4. who's the one you always meet the most nowadays?
Peel Here

5. who's the person you're gonna call if you need help?
depends on what my problem is.

6. what's on your mind just now?
ang haba na ng post ko.

7. who's number on your speed dials?

8. with whom do you wanna be to have fun?
Bes and Peel Here

9. what's the latest movie you've watched?
hah! here we go again...

10. when was the last time you went out?
kanina, lumabas ako... naghatid ako ng bata tapos nagbayad ako sa BPI.

11. what do you hate the most for now?
being tied.

12. when was the first time you slept alone?
hm... yesterday was the last time... first time? ages! i had a room of my own since i was a kid.

13. what do you wanna do for now?
kumain sana. kaso lang i dont think we have any food left on the fridge.

14. what do you do everyday besides eat and sleep?
work. go online.

15. what things could piss you off?
piss off one of my friends and/or family

16. fave pet?
Pong, my pet turtle.

17. colors that make you happy?
purple and pink...

18. most fave thing in your room?
the bed, of course.

19. what was the last thing you bought for your room?
uh.... the mattress!

21. do you cook?

22. miss someone?

23. plan to buy something?
if i have the money...

24. are you satisfied with your life now?
... no. you like seafood?

26. breakfast or dinner?
i like dinner better. because i get to eat a lot. breakfast, just bread and cheese or egg.

27. what do you usually eat for breakfast?
see #26

28. did you eat breakfast today?

29. do you recycle?

30. do you have a cellphone?
i have two.

31. what's your favorite fastfood?
kahit alin sa kanila... depende sa mood.

32. cats or dogs?
dogs... and turtles...

33. salty or sweet?!

34. city or country?

35. what's your favorite kind of jeans?
the ones that fit?

37. are you athletic?

39. would you ditch your friends for a date?
if my friends would understand, yes.

41. what do you wear to bed?
dati, i sleep naked. now, i wear something coz of my kids....

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?
hm... none that i could remember.. all my teachers were either married or bading or female.

43. coke or pepsi?
iced tea.

44. sugar or spice?

45. can you use chopsticks?

46. do you like to read for pleasure?
of course!

48. have you ever fallen asleep in class?
not yet.

49. get a job or ask your parents for money?
ask! haha. easier di ba? pero now, i work... and when im short, that's the time i ask.

50. is your dad strict?

51. do your parents give you enough privacy?

52. do your parents trust you?

53. would you trade places (in life) with your best friends..?

54. does your best friend get on ur nerves?
sometimes din... rarely.

55. any question u want to add?
do you ask a flower for advice?

1. Last fruit na kinain mo? bakit?
banana... yun lang kasi ang meron.

2. Last place na pinuntahan mo? ano ginawa mo?
dito lang. nagonline.

3. Last na kausap sa phone? ano topic?
si Ronald. ano gawa niyo? WALA. mga ganun.

4. Last na nagtext sayo? ano sabi?
si Anne Kulit. forwarded.

5. Last song na pinakinggan mo? feel mo ung song?
Angels Brought Me Here... yes.

6. Last na pinagalitan mo? bakit mo pinagalitan?
si Anton... ang kulit eh...

7. Last person na nagalit sayo? bakit?
si Ronald? kasi di ko sinabi na sisimba kami.

8. Last na softdrinks na ininom mo? bakit?
Coke... kasi yun lang meron.

9. Last color ng t-shirt na suot mo?
eto. beige.

10. Last na ka date mo? musta naman?
ang Peel Here... ok naman.... masaya...

11. Last movie na pinanood mo?

12. Last person na iniyakan mo?
hm... si Ronald.... again, and again, and again.

13. Last na binili mo? satisfied?
di ko matandaan eh. oo naman.

14. Last restaurant na kinainan mo?
Chef D' Angelo with Peel Here.

16. Last na tinawagan mo? bakit mo sya tinawagan?
si Bes... kasi pinagusapan namin si Sugar.

17. Last person na nakapagpakaba sayo? Bakit?
hah! si Anubis... tanong niyo sa kanya kung bakit... ayokong magsalita.

18. Last sports na nilaro mo? kailan un?
nakow! antagal na.. di ko na maalala...

19. Last person na naiisip mo? bakit?
si Anubis, kasi siya yung sagot sa last question... di ba???? hehe.

20. Last pc games na nilaro mo? ok ba?
hm... Luxor ata. ok naman.

21. Last website na pinuntahan mo?

22. Last job mo? musta sweldo?
before this? uh... marketing assistant... ok lang.

23. Last song na nakapagpasaya sa araw mo? Bakit?
my sacrifice... i thought of all the people that i considered as such....

24. Last thing na gusto mo magkaroon? Bakit?
last thing? hm... a digicam...

25. Last thing na gusto mong gawin pero di mo magawa? Bakit?
sabihin sa kanya na mahal ko siya.

26. Last time na nagsimba ka? Bakit?
Sunday... because it was a Sunday!

27. Last na out of town? saan?
hay... ang tagal na... di ko na matandaan.. i really need to get out more!

28. Last na gagawin mo before mo i close ang pc? bakit?
blink... exhale... haha.

29. Last na pinadalhan mo ng message sa friendster?
Yen, i guess. or Kevin, just someone who sent me a smile...

30. Last na minahal mo?
my kids...

Name: Rachelle Cornejo Delos Santos-Santos
Birth date: March 27, 1975
Birthplace: Manila
Current Location: 2451 Tramo St. Pasay City 1300... cge, i dare ya to hunt me down!
What are you doing now: answering this survey!

FACT 2: Your?
Most overused phrase(s): pakshet. ewan. hay... anoba?
Thoughts first waking up: shet, late na ba ko?
Best physical feature: smile
Usual bedtime: 10pm
Most missed memory: being in love

FACT 3: Preferences..?
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDo
Single or group date: Group
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Latte: Cappuccino

FACT 4: Do you?
Smoke: yes
Sing: yes
Take a shower every day: i take a bath everyday, yes. if its the summer season, i take 2 or 3 or 4. =) most often than not, i take it twice. if i was tired, just once. wash lang ng konti sa gabi...
Have a crush(es): oo naman.
Do you think you're really in love: kanino?
Want to get married: i already am.
Believe in yourself: I'm beginning to have doubts...
Get motion sickness: not really except when I try to read or text in a moving vehicle.
Think you're attractive: never!!!!
Think you're a health freak: no!!!
Get along with your parents: most of the time.
Like thunderstorms: who does? the weatherman?
Play an instrument: before i used to play the piano and a little of the guitar.

FACT 5: In the past month, you?
Drank alcohol: matagal ng hindi.
Gone on a date: no!
Gone to the mall: almost everyday last week.
Eaten sushi: hmm... last month yes.
Been on stage: what for? no! matagal na ring hindi.
Gone skating: i cant skate.

Age you hope to be married: id love to be married again sometime soon... but to the right person.
Numbers of Children: 3.. i got 3... and i cant have any more.
Names: Anea, Dale, Anton. if i were to have another, id like a girl. and her name would be Enola.
Describe your Dream Wedding: Caleruega.
How do you want to die: with my eyes closed.
What do you want to be when you grow up: die a peaceful death.

In a girl/boy you would want? a person? haha...
Best hair color: mine!
Short or long hair: is it for me? long...

FACT 9: List the number of:
People u trust in your life: with my life? Gosh.. Bes, parents, Scarface, Mai, Kuting, Anubis,
CDs you own: i dont like buying CDs... i like ripping and stealing and saving them on my computer...
Piercings: ears
Tattoos: none
Scars on my body: post-operational scars? i have had 6 operations, but only 4 scars... coz the other two was done on the same spot. other scars, i dare not count.
Things I wanna forget in the past: wala.

FACT 9: What..?
Music are you listening to now? none
What time is it now? 2:22am
What are the things you treasure the most? things? my fone i guess. coz i bought it with my own money.
What is your favorite subject? i hate Taxation. tsaka yung history and Filipino. i guess i liked the Humanities. and Psych.

*if I were a month I would be:
-- December

* if I were a day of the week I would be:
-- Sunday (bec there's no post of Sundays? hehe.)

* if I were a time of day I would be:
-- mornings. promise of a great day ahead... and evenings... a promise of a new day tomorrow.

* if I were a planet I would be:
-- Earth.

* if I were a direction I would be:
-- North.

* if I were a piece of furniture I would be:
-- a bed

* if I were a liquid I would be:
-- mercury. i could kill people. or water. for both purposes. hehe. but i like water most of all coz it gives life.

* if I were a tree I would be:
-- a coconut tree. a lot of uses.

* if I were a kind of weather I would be:
-- depends on my mood... i like rainy days, though.

* if I were a musical instrument I would be:
-- the violin.

* if I were an animal I would be:
-- a turtle

* if I were a color I would be:
-- pink

* if I were a vegetable I would be:
-- okra... yucky... sticky... and clingy...

* if I were a song I would be?:
-- sung?

* if I were a movie I would be directed by:
-- Peque Gallaga... kasi horror.

* if I were a book I would be written by:
-- Paolo Coehlo

* if I were a food I would be:
-- mangoes.

* if I were a place I would be:
-- Batangas

* if I were a taste I would be:
-- sweet and sour

* if I were a scent I would be:
-- plumerias... coz that's what i smell right now, thanks to Scarface.

* if I were a word I would be:
-- possibility

* if I were be a material I would be:
-- silk, too hot when its hot, too cold when its cold.

* if I were a body part I would be:
-- the mouth

* if I were a facial expression I would be:
-- blank.

* if I were a cartoon character I would be:
-- snoopy and be lazy. and when i think about something, i think about something stupid, but has a point.

* if I were a shape I would be:
-- a circle.

* if I were a number I would be:
-- infinity.

1.)wat song are you listening to now?

2.) colour you are wearing now?

3.)now, who's on ur mind?

4.)now, wat lyrics do you like so much?

5.)where do you feel like going now?
upstairs to sleep.

6.)wat movie do you want to watch?
the corpse bride.

7.)now, wat do you want most?
to gorge on something.

8.)now, wat are you eating n drinking?

9.)current mood right now?
missing people.

10.)when is ur birthday?

11.)where did you buy ur bag?
somewhere sa glorietta. it was on sale.

12.)where did ya buy ur pencil box?
how did u know i have a pencil box? haha.

13.)how was school today?
id have to ask my kids.

14.)worst subject?

- Past -

1.)last time you fell in love?
hah! everyday is a fall in love day.

2.)last movie you watched? with who?

3.)last shirt you wore before this shirt?
uh.... the one i wore yesterday pa... ano nga ba? it was a frilly peach tank top.

4.)last thing you held?
the mouse

5.)last time you cried?
last week

6.)last place you went? with?
dito. sila.

7.)last dream
i dont remember

8.)last call you received?
ronald, kanina.

9.)last testi you got?

10.)last message you got in friendster?
kevin, i dont know who he is.

11.)last sms to?

12.)last thing you did?
thought of what to answer.

13.)last present u got?
dont remember

14.)last present you gave to someone?
dont remember

15.)last issue u read in the newspaper?
i dont read newspapers.

-Love Life -

*who's the first person ya fell in love with?
hm. Jun.

*how many guys/gurls did ya like before ?
marami. like lang pala eh.

16. Madali bang mahalata na may topak ka?
di ba obvious?

17. Matagal ka ba maligo?
hah! sobra. sabi ng anak ko.

18.kumakain ka ba ng vegetables?

19. Tamad ka ba?
depende kung anong gagawin. hehe.

20. nagpplaystation kba?
kung meron, oo.

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at?
eh di mukha ko.

2. How much cash do you have on you?
around 600 bucks

3. What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"?
best, pest?

4. Favorite plant/s?
those that bear fruit?

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
hm... ronald. nobody else ever calls me.

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone?
its always on silent mode.

7. What shirt are you wearing?
a beige tank top.

8. Do you "label" yourself?
label myself as what?

9. Name brand of your shoes currently wearing?
im barefoot.

10. Bright or Dark Room?
depends. if im gonna sleep, it must be dark.

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
wala naman.

12. Ever "spilled the beans"?
kanino? maraming beses na.

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
sleeping. dreaming.

14. What did your last text message you recieved on your cell phone say?
"May padala na buks sila Tita Neena d2." from Joanne... since they know that i love books, my cousin wants me to have her old ones... so there.

15. Do you ever click on "Pop Ups" or Banners?

16. What's a saying that you say a lot?
hay... ano ba? pakshet

17. Who told you they loved you last?
my son.

18. Last furry thing you touched?
secret. hahaha.

19. How many hours a week do you work?

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
no need for films nowadays....

21. Favorite age you have been so far?
28-30... i have all my kids by this age, and met some truly inspiring and funny people.

22. Your worst enemy?

23. What is your current desktop picture?
my mom at Sunset beach.

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to erase all of your regrets, what
would you choose?
million bucks! i can erase my regrets with a million bucks! hah!

as if somebody read all of these.... hahaha....

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