Monday, October 17, 2005


I feel so rotten... i'm a little sick... just cough and colds... both Anne and I are sick... I feel so cold in the office... and i don't have the energy to work...

Yesterday, all i did was go online and updated my Friendster profile, added some pictures, and gave testimonials for some of my friends... we also watched HP 1-2 again.

Now that my kids and I are always sick, I'm thinking if I should resign next year... 'Coz Ronald is planning on going abroad... me and the kids won't have additional healthcards to use when i resign... now that everything is so expensive and my kids are sickly, i'm now thinking twice if I should sacrifice this stable job for a teaching job that i know won't cover my kids' medical.

My mother said and i also thought that Ronald might not provide for his kids and me when he goes outside the country... he rarely did it when he was here, so what's gonna change his mind when he leaves? (sigh)

This really leaves me thinking too much again... and my head already hurts from this stupid cough.

Last Saturday i went to see my Endocrinologist. My mother told me beforehand that maybe i should change doctors 'coz this doctor has a lot of patients and it was near to impossible to get an appointment right away, and that she already went to that doctor (since my Mom also has thyroid problems) and she thinks she's a git... but since her Saturday schedule is first come-first served, i tried to get in line... her clinic schedule starts at 9am... i was there at 9:15, she came at 10am... i waited for her for 6 hours before she called me in...

What's annoying is that she examined me for just a minute, touching my neck... and just gave me a slip of paper, an order for blood tests... what's annoying is that i waited for her for 6 hours and she wouldn't give me a medical certificate that i needed for the office, saying that she couldn't certify that i couldn't work for 'voice' since it isn't connected with my condition and that a lot of call centers have already called her about it... what's annoying is that the findings show that i have numerous cysts and masses on my neck obstructing my vocal chords and she said it isn't connected...

What's annoying is that Maxicare's internist actually told me that i should've been either operated on already or under medication, or my masses should've been thoroughly checked out because it might be cancerous (luckily, he gave me a medcert)... what's annoying is that she never did asked me how i was feeling... and since i was pissed off already, i just ignored the git doctor and went on my way.

What's truly annoying is that i wasn't able to watch the play that my son, Dale, and I were supposed to watch at St. Paul's College, showcasing special kids (his classmates and some others), just so i can finish this stupid check-up... He was accompanied by the help, instead... This was the first play that Dale watched.... she told me that Dale was ecstatic and happy and watched the play all through out... i should've been there... i should've been with him... i should've seen how he jumped and how he sang along... i should've been the one whispering to him to shush... super GRRRR!!!

So, i asked Maxicare for another doctor. I'm gonna see this new doctor two weeks from now... i wish she isn't as stupid passive as the last one.

Lesson learned: Listen to your mother.

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