Friday, October 14, 2005

what have you done?

this is in reference to something someone wrote somewhere,
i just couldn't post it here for his privacy:

if i were to compose a prose or something for you,
i'd probably say this:


Everyday, i couldn't think of anything to think..
of anything to say that could make you smile
even for a little while... a smile that i know comes
from your heart and not from will alone.

Everyday, I’d picture everything you do,
I’d cherish and memorize every word you speak,
every place I go with you behind me
for I know that when I die,
I’ll never stop missing everything you've done,
every word you uttered
and every place we've been.

Everyday, I’d look at you, wanting to part your hair
and kiss your brows and say
“my love, why suffers thou?”
for I know that it could be my last chance
'coz I’m sure you’ll never suffer in heaven.

Everyday, I’d see to it that I’d look at you,
memorizing every line, every curve...
afraid that one day I might not be able
to see your face again for
I’m sure i cannot bring you with me to heaven.

Everyday, I’d hope and pray
that I’ll have yet another day
to do what I do everyday.


i think i really need to kneel down...
dream and wish that someday, somehow...
i can take away ur pain...


you'll probably think that i didn't write that for you. well, yes, i didnt. i wrote that for someone who i thought can get away with the wordly things in life... someone who i thought believed in karma in its entirety, and believes that just thinking about 'hurting' someone in any way, no matter how much that person have hurt him, is creating karma in himself...

someone i thought, no, i believed, til 17 and a half minutes ago...

...was a better person than this.
someone i thought, could love...

...REALLY love.
i wish it isn't too late...
for him...
for this...
for everything.


and this is where i leave you.

not for what you are...
but for what you have become.


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