Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feeding the addiction

i'm an addict.

a turtle addict.

and i'm not ashamed of it.

i flaunt it.

i went wild when i saw the upcoming movie that
i forgot the d*mn title with a turtle in it and some squirrels.

i smile when i saw some.

i even say "eureka!".

i hugged friends who give me some.

i even kissed them thanks.

i dunno until when this stops.

but i'm in love.

when i'm in love, nothing can stop me.

i love you, little turtles.

keep on coming.

(the silver slipper pendant has a turtle design)


water squirter and letter opener:

water squirter and letter opener

cd case:

cd case

wind chime (my mom paid for it):

wind chime

the green plushie and red celfone ornament i bought just yesterday, the yellow one was given by anne:

stuff plus my celfone straps

the obsession started when i bought this magnificent little creature (green turtle) that i conveniently named Pong (surname: Pagong) that always brightens my day...

the culprit

and no, i do not believe that they're bad luck.

NOT IN PHOTO: i also have 4 turtle keychains, 2 shirts, a pillow and a tiny plushie...

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