Thursday, January 26, 2006

another survey

1.Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
-> nope. the nerd in me cannot possibly do that.

2. Do you have a celebrity family member/relative?
-> none that i know of.

3. What are you thinking about right now?
-> where i'm gonna get 6 months worth of money to pay for my bills.

4. Friendship or relationship?
huh? isn't friendship a relationship, too?

5. Who do you want to spend your time with?
a lot of people... specially my kids.

6. Who/What is the one who always brightens up your day?
who: my family and friends; what: any text message

7. Who always comforts you or gives you advice?
my mom does, and all my friends, even my kids. =)

8. Have you ever ridden a horse?
i'm not sure if i have ridden a horse when i was a kid, maybe not.

9. Have you ever felt as if you are gonna die?
yes, when i was in the hospital for miscarriage.

10. Who is the cutest guy/girl you've met in your life?
i don't remember. ako na nga lang. hehe.

11. What is the last good deed you've done?
hm.... if i couldn't think of anything, does that mean that i'm bad?

12. Have you ever cried at a public place?
yes... with Ronald, everywhere is a private place you can cry.

13. Does everyone know you in your ex-school?
it's like asking if everyone knew everyone else. NO!!!

14. Have you ever fallen from a bicycle?
yes, and i never rode again.

15. Have you ever missed someone so badly?
yes... super badly....

17. Can you describe a little about your crush/bf/gf?
crush: Paul Walker
bf: i don't have one, though i have a husband... can that be considered as a bf? =)

18. Did you ever kiss a person of the opposite sex?
duh? oo naman.... may husband na nga eh...

19. Did you hug anyone before?
yes.... quite a lot of anyone... i love hugging! much more than kissing to be honest.

20. When was your happiest birthday?
hm... 7th? because i got my first puppy, Spiker, a Japanese Spitz

22. Have you ever stripped someone naked in public?
and I would do that because???

23. Have you ever taken a pic of yourself naked?
nope. but now that you've mentioned it.... =)

24. Have you ever been to boracay?
sadly, no.

25. What do your family members call you at home?
a lot of names come to mind... Ate Ach, Achie, Tita Ach, Tita Achie, Mommy, Ma...

26. What do your friends or teachers call you?
friends: Achie, Bes, Reich
teachers: Santos, Rachelle.

27. What is the last song you heard?
I dunno... pero Still (Eric Cire) is in my head right now.

28. Have you ever wanna commit suicide?
yes.... quite a number of times na rin...

29. Who do you think is the crappiest person in your class?
that's easy... whoever teaches the class is the crappiest... everyone knows that.

30. have you slept in the same bed with other than your family member?
hay... oo naman...


ano ginagawa mo kahapon ng 3:30pm?
- natutulog.

brand ng suot mong shorts/pants ngayon?
- walang brand... pambahay lang eh...

ano wallpaper ng pc mo?
- my mom pa rin, walking sa beach...

ano oras ka nagising today?
- Anea woke me up at 6AM

ano gagawin mo mamaya pag may free time ka?
- watch FRIENDS again....

ano pinapakinggan mo ngayon?
- yung mga tricycle na dumadaan...

ano kulay ng suot mo ngayon na shirt?
- white.

ano gagawin mo mamayang 1pm?
- ewan...

anong huling mall na pinuntahan mo?
- Glorietta

anong huling tv show na pinanood mo kagabi?
- Star in a Million ata...

anong color ng shirt na suot mo kahapon?
- beige

ano huling kinain mo kagabi?
- sinigang and rice

ano huling song na kinanta mo?
- Still

ano una mong nakita pagpunta mo sa loob ng mall?
- yung sahig.

ano makikita sa daliri mo?
- kuko

ano na pinapakinggan mo?
- takatak ng keyboard

ano huli mong sinabi sa klasmeyt mo?
- ang hirap nun ah... tagal na akong wala sa school... hm.

ano gagawin mo pag nalaman mo na ampon ka?
- feel sad..

anong mall balak mong puntahan next week?
- lagi namang Glorietta, pero i'm not sure i'm gonna go...

anong place ang gusto mong puntahan sa ngayon?
- London! hehe...

ano fave color mo?
- is black a color?

ano sim mo?
- Smart and Sun

ano landlyn # mo?
- starts with an 8 and ends with a 7... go figure!

ano email add mo?

ano sa tingin mo ang tunay na #1, GMA o ABS?
- HBO!

ano color ng tshirt na madalas mong suot?
- white, blue, green.

anong oras na?
- 7:25 AM

ano na ulit pinapakinggan mo?
- may mga taong naguusap sa labas.

anong makikita sa harap ng bahay nyo?
- maraming bahay?

ano ang madalas nyong pag-usapan ng barkada?
- kung ano na mangyayari sa min.

ano gagawin mo pagkatapos nito?
- kakain...

ano last movie na napanood mo sa sinehan/dvd/vcd?
- sinehan: DGUOU with Peel Here.
DVD: Ice Princess
VCD: Friends

anong movie balak mong panoodin this week sa sinehan?
- sana Narnia...

ano fave mong channel?
- kahit ano basta may magandang palabas...

ano last book na binasa mo?
- Harry Potter 1, binasa ko ulit...

ano naman yung novel na binasa mo na hindi mo tinapos?
- marami!

ano balak mong bilhin this week?
- wala akong pambili, so, pass muna ako this week...

ano na gagawin mo pagka log-out mo?
- kakain nga di ba?

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