Monday, January 23, 2006

Body: Two Names You Go By
1. reich
2. achie

Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. filipino
2. spanish (my mother is half spanish, a quarter Finnish, a quarter Pinoy)

Two Things That Scare You
1. sharks (or any animal with sharp teeth, 'cept for pets)
2. death of a loved one

Two of Your Everyday Essentials
1. sleep
2. food

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. turtle silver bracelet
2. pink shirt

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)
1. loyalty
2. understanding

Two Truths
1. i can't swim
2. i can't drive even a bike

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You About the Opposite/Same Sex.
1. eyes
2. lips

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. reading
2. surfing the net

Two Things You Want Really Badly
1. for Dale to be WELL. no seizures again, ever.
2. teach

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. London
2. California

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. learn to iceskate, drive, swim? LOL.
2. teach!

two Ways That You're Stereotyped by People who dont know You
1. that i'm stupidly, ridiculously, self-absorbed
2. that i'm a slut (wish!)

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now
1. my mom's coming home on Wednesday
2. i wish i was on DSL (sniff)

Two Stores You Shop At
1. Mercury Drug
2. Dunkin Donuts

Two things you'd rather be doing right now
1. getting a massage
2. sleeping

Q:Who's bed did you sleep in last night?
A: ours?

Q:What color shirt are you wearing?
A: pink

Q:How many people on your list do you know in real life?
A: i'm not sure.

Q:What color are your undies right now?
A: yellow

Q:Do you have any pets?
A: a mongrel

Q:Most recent movie you watched?
A: hm... i cant remember... i think it was the Piolo-Juday film

Q: Name 3 things that you have on you at all times?
A: at all times???? hm. my mother's wedding ring, turtle bracelet, eyeglasses (cept when im taking a bath)

Q: What's the color of your bed sheets?
A: brown

Q: Do you look like a celebrity?
A : nope.

Q: Who's the 4th person on your received call list?
A : Unknown. meaning someone from abroad... hm... Hannah, i guess.

Q: What's your main ringtone on your phone?
A: its the default motorola ring. (me, too.)

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
A: sleeping

Q: What did the last text message on your phone say?
A: forwarded. a joke.

Q: How many people on your friends list are ex's?
A: none.

Q: What is your favorite part of the chicken?
A: wing

Q: What's your favorite town/ city?
A: Pasay! haha.

Q: How did your last relationship end?
A: will never end....

Q: I can't wait to ... ?
A: teach!

Q: When was the last time you saw your mom?
A: last time was April 21, 2005... personally, that is... i still see her via webcam.

Q: Who got you to join myspace?
A: i dunno. can't remember.

Q:What did you have for dinner LAST NIGHT?
A: coffee ice cream (delish! me, menudo and rice)

Q:Who was the last person you kissed?
A: Tony

Q: Is Tom on your friends list?
A: hm... come to think of it, i haven't checked. but he was.

Q: What's the last thing you said out loud?
A: sige!!!

Q: Look to your left. What's there?
A: divider.

Q: What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A: socks (wahaaattt?? - me, i'm not fond of borrowing clothing...)

Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
A: Blogger, Myspace, Yahoo!

Q: Do you have plants in your room?
A: no.

Q: If you could drink anything right now, what would it be?
A: water

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: none

Q: What city was your last taxi cab ride in?
A: hm... makati...

Q: Do you own a picture phone?
A: yes

Q: What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
A: Toffee Nut Frap

Q: If I don't like you ...
A: i'd not tell you.

Q: Recent time you were really upset?
A: a while ago..

Q: Any ideas for your new years resolution?
A: i don't do resolutions.

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