Monday, January 09, 2006

dedicated to my dear friend, J.

i don't do poems much
meters, prose, rhymes and such
well, since you asked me to
i wish i could, for you

you wanted a friendship poem
but i'm not sure where i'll get it from
deep in my heart, i guess
let's try, here we go, 'tara lets'

when i met you i never thought
all my efforts wouldn't lead to naught
because you always seemed distraught
brows crossed, deep in thought

months went by and so did we
we started with books and what-have-we's
talked in secret about life, we did
nobody knew, who am i to kid?

i saw you as a threat to me
not in any way you thought it'd be
i guess because i just met my match
someone who reads like me that much

everytime we talked
it's like turning on a light switch
some time, when we fought
i got so angry i could just screech

you're too sensitive, sometimes not in a good way
i wouldn't know you were angry 'coz you got nothing to say
most often than not i have to watch what i say or do
'coz you snap at me all the time when i tickle you

sometimes i think how stupid i am
to like you, to love you, and treat you as a friend
you're a test to my patience and all that i am
makes me wonder everyday how we ever blend

but now i see our times together is coming to a close
i dunno, i'm not sure, who knows?
this may be the last you'll hear from me
so i'll take every opportunity

thank you for everything you did
even the day you called me a kid
i really learned so much from you
ironic, who's older than who?

yeah, yeah, i'm turning thirty-one
i'm too old for silly poems such as this
i made mistakes and had some fun
surely, there's still something in me you'll miss

i'm sorry for the siliness and times you get mad
for the things i say and do that's just too bad
but that's how friendship really is
be there for each other, even if something's amiss

i'll end this crazy long poem with one more thought
please take care of yourself, don't get caught
in all that life has set up in front of you
especially when i can't be with you

you can cry, and i'll never see
but in spirit with you, i'll clearly be
i'm one text away, okay?
i'll come running to be with you that day.

know this for this is true
when you look at the station, empty beside you
when you miss my laughs and our tickling match
i'll be here thinking, missing you just as much

i love you, i love you, i love you
no matter what i say or do
remember that i do
i do, i do, i do.

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