Friday, January 20, 2006

Eric Cire

okay... call me crazy, but i searched the internet for the lyrics and... NOTHING! Then I saw this webpage, I guess CD Baby where they sell CDs... There was a link where it says I can email Eric Cire, and I did... I am so desperate! LOL.

Now, someone replied! And he said he WAS Eric Cire.... Oh, goodness! Is it really? These days you get to doubt a little... But hey! He gave me the lyrics! And now I don't care if it really was him... What's important is that I LOVE HIS SONG... HE IS A GENIUS... and you should read his bio... it's a little sad... You should also hear some of the other songs he made... I wish he makes more of them... You can listen to some on his website. Go do it!


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:35:10 EST
Subject: Email from CD Baby page

Hey There! It is Eric Cire! Thank you so much for loving my song STILL! And as you are the lyrics! Enjoy and keep in touch! Yes this is really me so please keep in touch! I typed this myself! LOL


When I see your face
It's crazy but still take
My breath away
I'm lost for words
I don't know what to say
Seem just like yesterday
When we first said hello
And I asked you your name

Ain't it funny how
My feelings for you haven't changed
From then until now
If keeps on getting stronger
It's you that I belong too
I know it can't be wrong you
And that is why I say

Still crazy about you girl
In love with you cause you were my first
I'm head over heels for you
You don't have to guess
Yes I'm still in love with you

See right from the start
You looked at took my hand...
And you stole my heart
Away from me...I can't believe
That love found me
And you're the one... that gave to me
Everything that I'd need
So we'd never part and

It's no surprise
Whenever I look in your eyes
It's still butterflies
See you're my life
My past, present, and my future
I don't do the things that I used to
So you dont have to question...
Nothing...when it comes to me and you

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