Monday, January 16, 2006

a rosy, blurry weekend...

the weekend was a blur. being jobless with nothing to do helped in the blurring... though when i checked on my fone, i noticed i was able to take some pictures of my weekend blur thing.

my fone claimed i did nothing but watch FRIENDS (season 4-6)....

but at least i got to eat a butter sandwich and drank gulaman while doing so...

and then i heard drums playing outside.... while contemplating on what those might be for, i saw that Anea's medals are way up on a post and i had no idea how they got up there.

and then below that was a fish key hook or something that Anea made as a project.

i got a little tired of watching FRIENDS, but i thought maybe i could watch some other movie since I have a small collection of pirated (and some original) DVDs.

but then the little drummer men kept on banging outside so i had to see what the fuss was about.

it then occured to me that today was the feast of the Sto. Niño. the long procession line was full of people carrying all sorts of Niños, flowers, and balloons. It was almost 2:30 when i started getting sleepy, so i went upstairs to sleep.

i got up around 7:30 to eat and then Anea, Tony and I went to church for the Sunday mass.

when we got home from church, this made me gasp:

a rose.

and not just a rose, a pink fluffy rose.

and not just a pink fluffy rose, it was a pink fluffy long-stemmed rose.

and not just any pink fluffy long-stemmed rose, one from Holland Tulips.

and it came from Ronald. now, that's crazy. He will never, ever give me expensive useless flowers... he'd rather buy a dozen roses at a stand in a market, than buy one from Holland Tulips, believe me... he will never shell out for something like this... will never shell out money at all other than for food... he was never sensitive about things like this... he was never ever been sensative at all.

hm... something's amiss... the paranoid wheels in my head are whirling...

there can be gazillions of reasons why he gave me a rose:

1. it really wasn't for me, it was for his dead grandmother.
2. it really wasn't for me, it was for his very alive mother.
3. or sister.
4. or other sister.
5. worse, it could be for his 'friend' who according to him is now in Quatar.
6. or another new 'friend'
7. or the rose was left in the store by a customer and he took it home and gave it to me.

et cetera... et cetera.

but the most obvious reason is the last one... coz he's maybe done this a couple or more times to me... but this time, i chose not to have him explain it... i'd rather not know. at least there was a rose, even if it really wasn't meant for me.

so, yeah... my weekend was a blur.

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