Sunday, February 26, 2006

ano to, conspiracy?

ayoko na....

puro na lang problema sa pera.


di ba dapat di pinoproblema ang pera?

di ba dapat hindi mahalaga ang pera kundi ang pagibig at pamilya?


hindi ako plastik!

Friday, February 24, 2006


sad ako, kasi pumunta ako ng ospital, di pa raw pwedeng tanggalin yung cast ko.

sad ako, kasi hindi pa magaling paa ko.

sad ako, kasi sabi ng doctor isang linggo pa daw ulit.

sad ako, kasi kumakati yung paa ko at minsan hindi ako makakita ng ruler.

sad ako, kasi meron na naman akong dapat na pupuntahang trabaho, pero hindi ko na naman mapupuntahan.

sad ako, kasi hindi ako makatulong sa bahay.

sad ako, kasi wala akong trabaho at walang sweldo, ergo--walang pera.

sad ako, kasi (pramis!) ni singkong duling walang laman ang pitaka ko.

sad ako, kasi walang pera, hindi ako makabayad sa mga utang ko.

sad ako, kasi walang pera, hindi ako makabayad ng telepono, tubig at kuryente.

sad ako, kasi kung ganon, mapuputulan kami ng telepono, tubig at kuryente pag hindi ako nakabayad.

sad ako, kasi yung mga utang ko pag di ko nabayaran, tumataas ang interest.

sad ako, kasi wala kaming pambili ng pagkain.

sad ako, kasi sa tingin ko pera ang solusyon sa lahat ng bagay.

sad ako, kasi ang tanga ko naman para isipin ko yun.

sad ako, kasi pag nasisira ang computer namin, hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko.

sad ako, kasi wala ang Daddy ko dito sa amin na tagagawa ng computer.


happy ako, kasi walang sakit ang mga anak ko.

happy ako, kasi hindi sila ang na-sprain.

happy ako, kasi hindi sila ang naka-cast.

happy ako, kasi hindi nila problema ang pera, kasi magulang ang namomroblema nun para sa kanila.

happy ako, kasi ang mga anak ko, hindi pa kailangang magtrabaho para mabuhay.

happy ako, kasi sila hindi pa namomroblema ng pambayad ng utang at bills.

happy ako, kasi sa kanila, ang solusyon sa lahat ng bagay ay itatanong nila kay Mommy.

happy ako, kasi nakaDSL na ako at and Daddy ko daw ang magbabayad ng monthly fee.

happy ako, kasi since nakaDSL ako, nakakausap ko ang Daddy ko ng mabilis, may webcam at malinaw, gamit ang Skype (go ahead and try it!) araw-araw.

happy ako, kasi buo pa ang pamilya ko.

happy ako, kasi nasusulat ko pa to.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Johari Window


(known to self and others)


Blind Spot

(known only to others)

able, adaptable, caring, clever, complex, dependable, dignified, energetic, friendly, giving, idealistic, independent, ingenious, intelligent, observant, reflective, relaxed, self-assertive, sentimental, silly, warm, wise, witty


(known only to self)

accepting, helpful, nervous, sensible


(known to nobody)

bold, brave, calm, cheerful, confident, extroverted, happy, introverted, kind, knowledgeable, logical, mature, modest, organised, patient, powerful, proud, quiet, religious, responsive, searching, self-conscious, shy, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense, trustworthy

All Percentages

able (12%) accepting (0%) adaptable (12%) bold (0%) brave (0%) calm (0%) caring (50%) cheerful (0%) clever (25%) complex (12%) confident (0%) dependable (12%) dignified (25%) energetic (25%) extroverted (0%) friendly (12%) giving (12%) happy (0%) helpful (0%) idealistic (25%) independent (12%) ingenious (12%) intelligent (37%) introverted (0%) kind (0%) knowledgeable (0%) logical (0%) loving (50%) mature (0%) modest (0%) nervous (0%) observant (12%) organised (0%) patient (0%) powerful (0%) proud (0%) quiet (0%) reflective (37%) relaxed (12%) religious (0%) responsive (0%) searching (0%) self-assertive (25%) self-conscious (0%) sensible (0%) sentimental (37%) shy (0%) silly (12%) spontaneous (0%) sympathetic (0%) tense (0%) trustworthy (0%) warm (12%) wise (12%) witty (37%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 2.3.2006, using data from 8 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view reich's full data.

i heart PLDT DSL

yes... now, i'm not just wishing about being connected.

coz now, i am.

to PLDT myDSL 999 promo.

i was able to read all my emails, in less than an hour... all 200 of them. of course, i deleted a lot who are just chain letters.

simply nice.

Monday, February 20, 2006



i should have had a job by now... but heck, no! The surgeon said I still could not walk on my foot... I daintily demonstrated to him that i can walk on it now, see????

he scowled at me and said:

wag kang matigas ang ulo... whatever you say, you are not walking out of the ER without a cast.

okay! okay!

so i was fitted another cast. at least this one was much more comfortable than the first one. when my foot itches, i use either a ruler or Dale's sword to scratch it.

anyway, i didn't have a choice but to turn down the job... the building was inaccessible to me because of their stairs... plus, i have to take a cab to and fro everyday??? that's crazy.... pang-jeep nga wala ako, cab pa?

so i have to take another week of hopping around the house in this stupid cast.


career choices 101

we were talking to the kids about their career choices 2 days ago...

Anea made up her mind... she wants to be a chef. Since when I look at Classified Ads, there are a lot of job openings for chefs around the world, I said sure. She can take Culinary Arts or HRM first, then she can study different types of cooking from other trade schools... gusto ko kasi pati HRM para if she wants she can manage her own restaurant someday.

si Tony naman... pag tinanong mo kung anong gustong maging... sabi niya Taxi Driver.... eh di nagtawanan lahat... ako naman i probed kasi naisip ko there can be more to it than that... sabi ko ilang taxi? sabi niya 10... siya daw magddrive ng isa tapos yung iba, iba din magddrive... tapos ibibigay daw sa kanya yung pera, tapos ibibigay daw sa akin.... at least alam na niya yung concept ng boundary (at sa akin naman pala ibibigay... hehehe). eh operator naman pala ang gusto, ok lang.... eh kung sa sampu, 500 isang boundary, eh di 5T na yun a day... not bad.

tapos nung tinanong namin si Dale, sabi niya, wala... hindi ako magwowork... sabi ko, naku patay... Tony, you have to make that 20 taxis... kasi di daw magwwork si kuya mo.. okay naman daw sabi ni tony... mabait na anak na, mabait na kapatid din naman pala.

so all in all, i have 2 business-minded kids and a bum.

Not bad at all.

Friday, February 17, 2006

uneventful thursday...

yeah, right.

i was having a boring day yesterday... all I did was sleep... that was why later in the day (around 6pm), I decided to borrow some movies from Video City, and allowed Tony to come with me.

When I was going down the stairs, I thought of opening the stair lights 'coz it was already dark and couldn't see the lower part of the stairs... you see, our stairs are sort of like concrete then wood after... the concrete part, people usually leave their shoes or slippers behind before they come up.

However, the lights are located just as you will have to step on the concrete part already, and my mistake was, I did both at the same time. I didn't turn on the lights first before going down. I didn't see that there were slippers, and when i stepped on one, my right foot slipped, and I twisted my ankle.

I guess you could hear me screaming from the other street then. I was perspiring so badly because of so much pain.

hurts. like. hell.

there was an egg-sized lump on my foot just below my ankle. I limped back up, and iced it, but the pain was too much I asked to be brought to the hospital.

an xray was done, and thank God, no fractures were seen. but the doctor (who, by the way is named Dr. Bayog... don't snicker!) advised me to have my foot put in a cast for at least a week, 'coz i shouldn't walk or even move my foot for faster healing.

so, there i was:

this is as if to say, Geez... weeks of agony.... wah!

that was my first time to see how they do it...
and i didn't think that the plaster of paris they used was
just like a strip of paper! Lots and lots of slips,
then they just soak it in water, and wrap it on the underside of my foot,
wait for it to dry, and voila!

i would have liked it better if it was a whole foot cast so my kids
can have a field day writing on it, but it's only the lower part
of my foot that plaster was placed...

so, while I was waiting for the cast to dry, I was thinking,
how in h**l am I going to go around?
Then I thought of my cousin, Judell, who was a ballet dancer....
I remembered her having the same injury and using crutches...
so I texted her and asked her if i could borrow her crutches...
and she said yes.

so here I am, limping around the house... wincing in pain...
and wishing that my foot would not itch...
(please, oh please, do not itch, my big right foot)

I just hope that the school that I applied for online would not call me this week or the next... please call me when my foot is healed... wah!!!

lesson learned: switch on the lights. take care of your foot, or any part of your body... now that i'm slightly invalid, i know how important it is to do so... and how hard it is to lose your full independence.

Monday, February 13, 2006

and Pam said...

Reich: yeah, i think the only way i could give birth would be with CS but i've heard so many horror stories of how healing after the operation is painful too.. but what you said has been echoed by every mother i've spoken too.. you just forget the pain when you see the baby.. i have utmost respect for women who have gone through the pain of childbirth.. all of you deserve crowns and scepters.. and lots and lots of love...

haha... you know what? with lots of painkillers, it really isn't that painful (the stitches, i mean)... ako nga, i didn't need painkillers...

it was just weird, coz all ur insides feel like jelly... maluwag na kasi without the baby in it.

you know what's painful? giving out milk for the first time... it was horrific... i mean it! tears just keep streaming down my face... my breast bled!

pero what you really need, aside from seeing your miracle for the first time? it's the support of your loved ones... if you have that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about...

and i'm sure, Arvin will be there for you... and your friends, and family... you'll take it all in...

pero, it is really wise that you are ready before getting pregnant... so take your time... you're still young pa naman...

the mother hen instinct will come whether you like it or not... =)

you can say today, that you'd rather adopt... but time will come that you'll change your mind... plus, if you really love Arvin, and he really loves to have a baby of your own, you will eventually give in... love does rule over the mind.

i hope i'm making Arvin happy with all i'm saying... haha!

at least now you know, Pam, with all of us here... that you just don't have family and friends... you have bloghoppers on your side, too!

we're gonna be your support group if time comes, ok?

be happy!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

jobless. broke. mommy.

hay... i thought i found the perfect temporary job for me... teaching Koreans online... but then, when i got to the orientation... i was disappointed.

i was already with the salary mentioned beforehand, but since i thought this was just a temp til i find a stable teaching job in June, it'l have to do.

but i found the company wishy washy. First they said that the training will be for a month. Then when i got there, it was really 5 days. When the training started, they said they had to cut the training short to that day only.

i also asked them beforehand if they had a contract. They said no. But when i got there, they said yes.

i hated it. so today, i didn't go back. Even if I'm broke as hell, I don't want to stay in that company any longer. I couldn't find it in me to go back.

so now, i'm back to being jobless. hay...

anyway, i wanted to put this on my blog as a reminder of how i felt when i had Anea. This was a comment i made on a blog about her fears (or pain) of having a baby:

i respect ur opinion... and i dont blame or criticize you for how you are feeling... the pain, really, is unbelievable... and i was under CS... what more if i had a normal delivery... imagine tiny people coming out of your... urgh!

when i got pregnant, i thought the whole world came down on me. i wasn't ready. i was 20. still in school. think of the pressure. the shame i brought to the family.

but i had the baby. i endured so much during the pregnancy. the morning sickness. actually, just sickness, coz it happened all day long for four months.

then at 7 mos, there was so much pain because of early labor. think of the anguish and worry i went through.

then at 42 weeks, the baby still won't come. i was induced for 2 days. but the baby won't budge.

i was under the knife for just an hour. i didnt want to sleep, even if i was made to, by the doctors.

i wanted to hear my baby cry.

and when she did, that's when i drifted off to sleep.

when i saw her the day after, EVERYTHING... and i mean EVERY SINGLE THING from day 1 to her delivery.... the initial shame, the pain, the worry, the anguish, EVERYTHING.... just evaporated.

and if you knew all that i've been through, you'd say that i was crazy to think that seeing your kid for the first time will make everything go away... but it did.

i do believe that babies are a miracle.

maybe you can have it the way i did... at least with CS you're asleep. they just cut u open, and stitch you back together. did i mention i was crazy? haha!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

PBA night

a lot of things happened during the week, some of it was posted here.

the new digicam my mom bought from the States is my favorite gadget now. Was able to take a lot of pictures. It brought super clear pictures, even at night. Of course, the camwhore started taking pictures of herself.

Last night Nald and I watched PBA at the Araneta. Biboy Ravanes gave him two tickets. He is a customer at Jollibee BF where Nald is Store Manager. We were sitting right behind the Ginebra players (vs Red Bull). It was a lot of fun. And being in good seats are way too much exciting.

We even saw some celebrities there like Patrick Garcia, who is just in front of me, and is such a hottie. Danica Sotto, who is prettier on TV and looks normal in person. I can say that given a lot of money to fix my face, I can give her a run for her money. LOL. There are also some players who wasn't playing anymore, but I don't know who they were.

It was a good game. Ginebra was great. The fans were also awesome, the way they cheered them on. Nald jumped up and down. Shouted at the players, though, nicely. Other people shouted expletives at them and the referrees.

I had a fun night, even if I had a cold, and almost puked at the MRT. We didn't use the car 'coz we might not make it in time for the game because of the traffic.

Anyway, I wore a pink low cut shirt and Nald kept on looking at my boobies and spent half of the night telling me to pull up my shirt. Men! But I have to agree, I saw some who really looked at them. They must've thought I had huge boobies, but then seeing them up close, I'm sure they got really disappointed at what they saw. Sexy shirts are deceiving.

Oh yeah, sluttie with a big forehead and a flat chest in the house. Run for your lives!