Monday, February 20, 2006



i should have had a job by now... but heck, no! The surgeon said I still could not walk on my foot... I daintily demonstrated to him that i can walk on it now, see????

he scowled at me and said:

wag kang matigas ang ulo... whatever you say, you are not walking out of the ER without a cast.

okay! okay!

so i was fitted another cast. at least this one was much more comfortable than the first one. when my foot itches, i use either a ruler or Dale's sword to scratch it.

anyway, i didn't have a choice but to turn down the job... the building was inaccessible to me because of their stairs... plus, i have to take a cab to and fro everyday??? that's crazy.... pang-jeep nga wala ako, cab pa?

so i have to take another week of hopping around the house in this stupid cast.


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