Friday, February 17, 2006

uneventful thursday...

yeah, right.

i was having a boring day yesterday... all I did was sleep... that was why later in the day (around 6pm), I decided to borrow some movies from Video City, and allowed Tony to come with me.

When I was going down the stairs, I thought of opening the stair lights 'coz it was already dark and couldn't see the lower part of the stairs... you see, our stairs are sort of like concrete then wood after... the concrete part, people usually leave their shoes or slippers behind before they come up.

However, the lights are located just as you will have to step on the concrete part already, and my mistake was, I did both at the same time. I didn't turn on the lights first before going down. I didn't see that there were slippers, and when i stepped on one, my right foot slipped, and I twisted my ankle.

I guess you could hear me screaming from the other street then. I was perspiring so badly because of so much pain.

hurts. like. hell.

there was an egg-sized lump on my foot just below my ankle. I limped back up, and iced it, but the pain was too much I asked to be brought to the hospital.

an xray was done, and thank God, no fractures were seen. but the doctor (who, by the way is named Dr. Bayog... don't snicker!) advised me to have my foot put in a cast for at least a week, 'coz i shouldn't walk or even move my foot for faster healing.

so, there i was:

this is as if to say, Geez... weeks of agony.... wah!

that was my first time to see how they do it...
and i didn't think that the plaster of paris they used was
just like a strip of paper! Lots and lots of slips,
then they just soak it in water, and wrap it on the underside of my foot,
wait for it to dry, and voila!

i would have liked it better if it was a whole foot cast so my kids
can have a field day writing on it, but it's only the lower part
of my foot that plaster was placed...

so, while I was waiting for the cast to dry, I was thinking,
how in h**l am I going to go around?
Then I thought of my cousin, Judell, who was a ballet dancer....
I remembered her having the same injury and using crutches...
so I texted her and asked her if i could borrow her crutches...
and she said yes.

so here I am, limping around the house... wincing in pain...
and wishing that my foot would not itch...
(please, oh please, do not itch, my big right foot)

I just hope that the school that I applied for online would not call me this week or the next... please call me when my foot is healed... wah!!!

lesson learned: switch on the lights. take care of your foot, or any part of your body... now that i'm slightly invalid, i know how important it is to do so... and how hard it is to lose your full independence.

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