Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Dale, first honor!

i went to Dale's school to talk to his teacher about his progress and
other plans for his improvement.
She told me too many beautiful things that Dale did...
His teacher also told me that Dale will
finish first this school year with a gold medal.
The recognition is on March 31st.

Why finish?
'Coz he can now be transferred to a regular school
as Grade 1 full mainstream this June.

It's as if the problem of the whole world dissolved into nothingness... hahaha!

nothing can top this.

that's why i chose the picture above to go with this post...
it's like Dale telling the whole world that he beat it.

we're off to face new challenges in his life.
and we will face them no matter how difficult and painful they get.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed concern and support...
My parents, family, and relatives.
His brother, Tony..
His sister, Anea..
My friends who were there with me all the time to see me cry and share my joy:
Bes, Mai, Anne, Basti, Bon, Saint, etc.
His teachers--Belle, Lisa, Shirley, Mila
All the other teachers and the principal who took part in changing his life.
The Pasay City SPED Center.

I know this is not the end, but a beginning...
but i would like to thank you people for every step accomplished...
i know another post like this will come in the future...
and my acknowledgment list will be longer than this.

thank you.

Thank God.

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