Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday blues... etc.

Our Parish holds the usual Palm Sunday blessing on the street at 7am. Hundreds of parishioners came with different kinds of "palaspas".

I came with my mom and Anea. And I also came armed with my digicam. I was hoping I could get weird, funny, or just plain interesting pictures... but alas, even if i do find a nice picture to take, the person runs away.

I like to take portraits kasi... Di ako mashadong ma-scenery or ma-abstract... gusto ko tao... yung emotion... yung mata... yung soul.

Anyway, my mom woke me up at 6:30 and told me to eat at pag-uwi na lang daw kami maligo... yoko nga! di kasi ako comfortable ng umaalis na walang ligo-ligo eh. So I took a quick shower, ate, took a couple of pictures, and we're off. Lika, sama ka...

We bought two palaspas, one for my mom and Anea. We waited for the priest on a horse to come brandishing his holy water on us... It was nice and peaceful. Especially when the people started waving their hands and palaspas. Really nice.

Before we went home we decided to buy some stuff. Labandera stuff. Yep, I am going to wash our clothes since our helpers already left (and without a washing machine, coz ours was terrorized by mice we found out recently...). Something happened to someone in their province, or so they said. Whatever.

Hay... I haven't done this since... I can't remember!!! Wah!!!

Don't get me wrong... My parents brought us up with enough knowledge to live on our own... how to cook, do the laundry, iron our clothes, clean the house, go to the market... all the stuff we needed to do.

When we were young, we kinda had schedules like I do the dishes in the morning, and my kuyas do them after lunch and supper.

We have to clean up our own rooms... we also have to go to the market with our mom so she'll have someone to help her carry the stuff... with that, I also learned how to haggle.

But... I grew up with a yaya. Oh yes, my mother was a working mom... and I... was a spoiled brat. *grin*

No, actually, I really was spoiled, being the only girl in the family and such... but it didn't get to my head... that I am sure of. I KNOW how to do things, but I DON'T do them, because we have help, all the time.

I remember that my mom and I had Saturdays all to ourselves... we'd go shopping... or watch movies... and I didn't come home empty-handed (books, stationery...).

What I didn't learn how to do really was make myself beautiful like my mother. When my mom wants me to buy clothes, I'd decline... and then head off to the bookstore.

I hated fixing myself up when I supposed to do so... I was a well-dressed kid, but as I became a teenager, I lost all nerve and interest. I became the tomboy type that dresses in shorts and shirts big enough to cover my shorts... I also remember wearing my brothers' clothes because they were comfy... I also wore my mom's clothes... so just use your imagination and see how stupid i looked.

Okay, before this goes on and on and I forget my drift... I am not ashamed to say that I was a mama's girl... or that I am not used to doing the laundry... but at least i'm not ashamed of posting my laundry pictures!!! *wakokoko*

first, i had to tie my hair with a clamp 'coz it was so hot outside (no, that wasn't a nest on my head):

here's my laundry:

and i had to have music if i'm gonna do this:

it was fun at first:

but a lot of pain the next:

after doing the laundry, I have to check my messages:

oh my... we have to get either a washing machine, or another helper... and pronto!
just look at my palms:

Oh, goodness! my back hurts! Tomorrow, I have to attack this sorry excuse of a room (mine). It's so *blech* that I think I have to do something about it... hm... i think i'll start with cleaning my walls...

and my awfully cramped closet (and that's the pambahay closet pa lang):

hay.... i really hate to whine... but i couldn't help it... sabi ko nga sa mga friends ko, di bale ng mawalan ng lovelife, wag lang mawalan ng helper!!!



ever received the joke that went something like this?

AMO: Day, lagay ka ng pamatay ng ipis at isulat mo tong chalk sa dingding.

INDAY: Opo, ser!

Kinabukasan, nakita ito ng amo, nakasulat sa dingding:

"Hoy, mga epes! Mamatay kayo lahat! Mga pakshet!"

it was so funny, i didn't forget it... and last night i remembered it becase for the past few days, I found myself getting pissed for one reason:


Thousands of them, maybe, gazillions. You couldn't see them here, but they're there, trust me.

They are slowly invading our house. They are everywhere. And they piss me off big time! Why would you not, when at times, you see them lurking inside the ref, eating your favorite cheese. They can even stand the cold!

I kid you not.

When you are sooooo hungry and decide to eat, and when you take some rice out of the pot, you see them feasting on what could've been yours.

When you see your favorite Spiderman shirt with ant holes on them.

Curse you insect scum!!!!

And so for some drastic measures... i decided to use insect-killing chalk on the walls they walk, hop, and run on...

Oh yes, I remembered that joke so well.

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