Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

ko na ng ilang beses ang da vinci, napanood ko na rin ang pelikula.
pero hindi naman nagbago pananaw ko.  nadisappoint pa nga ako kasi
nag-iba ng konti yung storya kesa sa pelikula eh.  i liked the book for
how it was written.

i am a Christian by faith, and not by reason.  I believe that there is a God, a supreme mover, because I want to believe.

know that the Bible was written by different people in different
languages.  Translation can give us a different meaning of the written
word.  Books not included are indeed in the Vatican, this was already
made clear by their own priests.  

know that Jesus had Magdalene and they had a daughter.  that was also
taught to us by Dominican priests, long before the book was even

admired Jesus more then because I was sure that He could really
understand us, because He himself is a father.  There is nothing wrong
with that, is there?  Being married and having a daughter would not
change the fact that He was and is an instrument of faith, belief, hope
and love.

they always say, God gave us free will.  Go watch the movie.  Read the
book.  Then look into your heart, see if you do not believe in Jesus
and God after you've done so.

Coz if you find out that it changed you, you really didn't have faith in your God in the first place.

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